microcomputer and Mask predator 1987

I remind the developers that you are clearly not fans of your game, otherwise I don’t understand your attitude towards the fans of the universe of predators, the microcomputer doesn’t work much, and the effects of the mask itself work crookedly, during this time since the game was released it could have long been possible to correct!! this is an exclusive predator!! I got it on pre-order, people, why are you all silent? Not only do the developers make terrible models of predators, why did I pre-order if the unique predator of 1987 was made for a pre-order for fuck off? The 1987 predator mask also has some flaws in terms of when the eyes glow, the glow effects are in the forehead area!!

my second topic Predator 1987, and its clone captured

this is how it should have been

The problem with the mask

I did it in just 10 minutes in photoshop

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what are they now on 87?

completely blank. no characters

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I agree, should be some characters and they should change.
However, this is not a bug. But just lack of design or polish.

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No. Leave them blank.

If this game fell into epics hands they would overhaul it and give us battle royale with predator pass and loads of game modes and allow Xbox in on it and the player base and the animations and weapons etc would be lit . They would get all cast of characters in and give us loads of maps along with city etc I prey that one day predator gets owned by aaa studio and given the life it’s worth.


I totally agree with you

So what about me!