Predator 5 is fucked already and I'm heartbroken.

Well, the studios have done it again, presumably. Ive just read that the casting call for the lead of the new Predator film is to be a TEENAGED GIRL. Let me say that again. A TEENAGED GIRL. Is gonna go up against a 9 ft tall killing machine and win. What the literal fuck?!?

If true, that’s it for the franchise, I think. It was bad enough that a group of brain-injured misfits and a zero-combat experience/magically good with a machine gun scientist can take out a giant Predator who kills regular predators in 2 seconds, but a TEENAGED GIRL WITH A KNIFE, A CLUB AND A BOW IS GONNA TAKE DOWN AN INTERGALACTIC HUNTER WITH CLOAKING TECHNOLOGY AND A PLASMA GUN. SCIENCE H. LOGIC, WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?

The description even said that the point of it was to break gender norms 🤦‍♂️. My sweet Lord in Heaven, this movie is screwed if this is the jumping off point. It wasn’t enough that the last one shoehorned in autism and global warming but this is unreal.

Maybe the writers/director played too much FT here and thinks a kid should 1v1 a Predator with a knife 🤣🤣🤣🤔😟😔😢🤮.

Here’s a link to it…

I reiterate, IF this turns out to be true, they can kiss my $ goodbye. I pray that it is false.


Yeah I won’t be watching


The good thing is that it’s not the only Predator film in the works

There is a sequel to Predators coming rumored to star The Rock


Don’t fuck with my emotions


Interesting. But if this trash happens first, it’ll kill interest in the Predators sequel.

Sleep well my sweet prince
(After that night durbs2001 disappeared from the predator forum)


I don’t think so

If I will always be interested in Predator movies there has to be other people

I’d even read Predator vs Archie

Yes this is a real book

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Really? Will Robert Rodriguez be part of it again as well?

Not sure as nothing has been confirmed

It would be nice if he was and had a bigger role

I’ve read them both. They’re as bad as The Predator. Maybe worse.

The female lead is to be 19 years old (the same age that Audie Murphy won the Medal of Honor) and the gender defying arch is understandable since there is plenty of history around women becoming respected warriors (e.g., Nanye-hi of the Cherokee, Lozen of the Apache) when it was uncommon but not unheard of. In fact, the youngest to ever earn the Medal of Honor was 13 years old - so not a deal breaker on the age of the protagonist - especially since it is a period piece could mean the Predator weapons are more barbaric (maybe just melee or we can finally see the bow in action).

So not sure why it would be unreasonable to have a teenager be able to prove themselves in battle since it has been proven over and over in history.


9 ft tall alien professional killing machine vs 19 yr old (last time I checked was a teenager) who isn’t a warrior yet, but wants to be. 'Tarded.

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I think they’re casting the teenage version of the female lead

I wonder if she’ll have autism? She’s got no chance unless she’s got autism.


And the predator is a toddler or a quadruple amputee…

😳😣😥😰😭 my face while reading hoping there was confirmation up to seeing there wasn’t yet lol


Main character’s name is apparently Mary Sioux.

Wish I could take credit for this joke, but I saw it on the AVP site.


Maybe it is a young blood that is on its first hunt? And no one is stating that 19 is not a teenager - was simply stating facts that teenagers have proven themselves in battle over and over in history (even unproven combatants).

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