Predator “Armor increase” preliminary test

Okay. We all want to understand what this actually means:

Well, it may be a very simple mechanic. First, my theory, then I’ll explain my primary test.
- at 25% and less health, predator takes x0.762 damage

First, test. Mask armor. Sorry, @KameofWar but I point blank two-shot the mask off in private matches, so I don’t think there was a change there.

Second test. 30 rounds of AR-W against a Viking. The Viking has 1500 health. 30 x 50 damage = 1500 damage. However, the test resulted in 1417 damage.

Third test. While the predator was at low health. (Covered in green blood and hunched forward.)
1 shot with the sawz50 resulted in 192 damage.

The math works out with the first 23 hits of the AR-W full damage for 1150 damage, and 75% of Viking health is 1125. The remaining 7 hits result in 7x50x0.762 = 266.7. 1150+266.7 = 1416.7, rounded up is 1417.

If anyone wants to try to confirm this with other weapons and predators, that would be great.

The “increased predator armor” seems to be reduced damage taken when the predator has less than 25% health.


Yes but what of the most beastly AR in the game


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My test was well past 20m when I was testing the mask as I figured distance didn’t matter for sniper rifles and SAWZ was the only gun that I knew mask stats for.along with h 7en

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Well the gosl-r does 53 damage, so it should do 1537 damage in 29 hits.

If my theory is correct, it should do 1449 damage in 29 hits at point blank range. It will take 2 more hits, a total of 31, to second wind a Viking. This is all without modifiers from perks or specializations.

There is a slight drop to damage, not enough in my opinion. I think at 100m it still does about 210 damage, or so. But that is from an old test against a hunter which takes reduced damage.

I could do a range test, hopefully sometime today.

Good thing I got 45 round mags 😅

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I’m not sure if the “armor” has a time limit or if it’s the same for all predators. I imagine it’s there to give predators the chance to escape to heal with a small amount of health, rather than getting second winded and chased down.

Or they receive less damage when healing

I was pumping the double barrel shotgun into a Berserker point blank in the head and he wouldn’t go down

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Although if this is the case then impen is insane on hunters cause at quarter life there taking nearly half damage from bullets

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I think I could test that as well. But if they’re healing, then they would seem tanky because they’re gaining health while you deliver damage. Unless you’re talking about second wind. Maybe more health there, too.

I mean while they are actively healing

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Yep. And from my own experience in quick play, it seemed that it is very hard to second wind some predators while they quick claim, even with assault deadly and AR-W.

@KameofWar - From Reddit

That’s such an “evasive” answer, but whatever.

“The predator can escape harrowing situations.” Maybe I can test different angles, but the predator definitely takes less damage at low health from behind.

Can’t make them be transparent, so, if “complex damage calculations” is all they want to say, then we’ll figure it out ourselves.

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I wouldn’t call it evasive. Not really detailed but it’s an answer. It fits with the theory of ranged damage reduction further than 5m and second wind durability. Maybe variables for movement as a counter to hitscan weapons?

It’s not detailed, at all. It’s evasive. They act like we’re a bunch of children playing this game. Do they think our feeble minds could not handle such a calculation? They’re hiding it, I don’t really understand why.

It won’t really matter much longer anyway. The meta is stale, the missions are repetitive, and the AI combat feels less like a threat and more like a chore.

So wait are they saying that different parts of the predators model takes less damage also? Honestly all I can get from it is they round down whenever possible unless the guess from earlier that some guns have a Range of dmg like say when SAWZ was shot always deals between 200-224 against the predator it’s more likely to deal the lower number? During the calculation

what the fuck

Well there’s other factors. I mean with testing, all I’ve ever really seen is distance. Have we checked damage head on vs. to the back of the pred in recent updates? Limbs vs. body? Etc etc. I mean I dunno my method of testing is just queue up and see if I survive. It’s not really my area

Not me. I’m just stating what I know, but old king hamlet is saying that there are multiple variables in a “complex calculation.” But I always start my damage tests as close as possible and to the back to try to limit accidental head shots or misses and to negate damage drop off.