Predator DBD 👎

No thank you,that game steals and sucks out your soul,hopefully they’ll just make a an AVP to coincide with the movies release


DBD and PHG are the same…… asymmetrical bullshit, you can’t deny that

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One is better than the other


And one is more toxic than the other

Not really

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Go search up toxic dbd moments, and toxic phg moments, guarantee you’ll find more dbd moments

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Because dbd is known better and played more
So that would be expected




Do you think though, that we’ll get Pred in DBD? It could work, just have cloak last 20 seconds and take 5 mins to recharge

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That make no sense
Dbd has wraith who has increased lunge speed and infinite cloak
And 5 minutes is enough time for a coordinated team to do all gens

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See I don’t play dbd, yet, so i didn’t know wraith had that


Predator Hunting Grounds is a little toxic ,but DBD takes the cake

They really shouldn’t add Predator to that game it sucks,he’ll just recieve nerfs that quote on quote only good players will be able to utilize

I just rather they not try and slashfy the Predator because he’s not a slasher.I will never play that game again
What we need is this
A game where you can have a single player experience and co op this was my ideal game.
Picture you being set on an island like generation zero,and somehow and Alien egg got on to that part of earth ,which would transform into a queen and lay dozens of eggs.Now there’s an out break and the Predators hear the transmission and deploy three Predators to depatch of the infestation.By this time the Aliens would evolve from the local wildlife and Zoo did ,I mention there’s a zoo here so now you have to face a tiger xenomorph,bat xenomorph,a rhino xeno etc.a strange but elegant deer xenomorph and you can play as a class along side the Predators.Thats the co op part you can load in two humans with Predator or two Predators and one human.With side missions and most of all an open world to explore, Imagine trying to beat a single xenomorph but he’s evolved so much that you may lose the battle and have to prepare again but he still has that damage you have him because you had to run away from it or it regenerated but still show signs of battle damage
Why developers don’t think like this.

Predator would suck in DBD not because DBD is a shit game (which it is) or it would nerf the Predator (which it would, look at Nemesis), it would suck because we already have a Predator DBD Game. Predator Hunting Grounds?

Plus there’s the story/lore behind Pred that wouldn’t make much sense in the context of DBD. Only real way you can include Predator is if you make them a Bad Blood.


I agree, but that’s what people are going to want to make him fit into their little stinky blood web

Dbd isn’t that bad
And nemesis is one of the best killers to end chases with

Oh its really bad