Predator dogs as a gear slot for the Yautja

It would be pretty cool to see the Predator dogs we see in the third Predators film. They could be incorporated as a gear slot for the Predator class, maybe take up about five gear points? Two Predator dogs would spawn out of a bush or something and sniff out and attack Fireteam members. it could be helpful if your bio-mask gets destroyed and call in the Predator dogs to help find/kill the fireteam members. the dogs would bite fire team members and it would do bleed damage make it do the same amount of damage as the katana light attack maybe? The dog’s health could be the same as a hunter’s class.


The dogs sounds op in stats but beyond that ya.


The idea is cool but a more realistic stat spread would be
Gear point 7
Has 2 uses 4 with large pouch
Each dog has 400hp on use summons 2 dogs the pred Can’t have more than 2 dogs on the map at anytime

Dogs always spawn out of the nearest red tree to the predator
Dogs will sometimes kill pigs as they are looking for the Fireteam and will eat shot down skinned corpses for health recovery

Dog has 2 attacks one quick attack that does 38 damage after this attack the dog always runs 15m away before attacking again
One heavy attack that requires an interact to be done or 110 damage intervention from another FT this attack does 25 damage per second the dog is holding them. The dogs decide wether or not to use the heavy based on wether or not the target is actually marked by the predator thermal Vision this gives the predator a way to decide who he wants to be taken out however if there are more than 2 marked the dogs choose at random they can’t do a heavy on the same target more than once in a dogs lifetime
Fireteam can parry the dog

The dogs when summoned immediately attempt to find the FT after 2minutes they just auto know where to go if this happens the dog howls they also howl to let everyone know they found the FT as a fun interaction if the predator roars the dogs will howl

Albeit as fun of an idea it is I do not trust Illfonic to be capable of developing a complicated ai that does anything other than. Run straight and shoot


My reasoning behind the stats would simply be the dogs would be the single most powerful gear the predator has if the ai is at all compentant

As it does all 3 things distracts, does harm, prevents harm
So it would need to have the highest gear cost in the game as in theory this gives the pred room to force a good engagement


Except im standing on a rock so you wasted a gear slot while the braindead AI paths in circles OP.

Even if the AI wasn’t garbage there’s no way to balance the dogs because they can’t actually be allowed to be good. It would either be 3 minute rushdown central with FT getting quadriple-teamed for easy quick claims or they die in two shots moving at a snails pace and are a waste of a gear slot.

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Everyone asking for predator dogs should just ask for gear that manually triggers the alarms and summons reinforcements since its essentially the same thing and atleast I can trust the AI to walk a line and shoot people.

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I think this is a great idea since it would force the Fireteam to lose focus on the Predator and would offer interesting opportunities for ambushes.

This could make the game far more balanced instead of just buffing or nerfing someone’s damage.

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@James-Cameron will you just merge your shitty Avatar universe in with The awesome Predator Universe and give the Predators those weird dragon things.
Shit sir stop trying to explore the ocean and do something great. Dont make me get a stick

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But while you stand on a rock, a Predator sees you and shoots you in the head with bow or plasma weapon…

It would force the fireteam to go out in the open and either group up very close together or spread out, sounds like it could work with some balancing

My multi billion dollar universe? Careful now. Or James Cameron will merge predator with care bears and turn your precious hunter into an FT loving cuddly toy.

Cant be worse

Oh it can. James Cameron has been to the care bear future. It is Judgment Day X100.

Have to disagree. You seem to only be counting the extremes. If its essentially a triggered alarm in quanity it’ll be good as a distraction as long as they have half decent damage and move as fast as a running recon.