Predator Hunting Grounds: Battle Royal Predator Addition

It depends whether you are talking with game terms in account, or just the actual lore of the characters.

But the worthiest candidates are:

  • Wolf
    Due to obvious reasons and Elite Rank.
  • Cleopatra
    Due to decimating Dutch’s Predator Killer taskforce with ease and let’s be honest she must be an Elite Rank Predator
  • Elder
    Due to sheer experience on the Hunt and more experience in combat.

Other potential worthy candidates may include:

  • Exiled Predator due to being a very good survivor and resourceful Yautja outcasted from his clan for reasons that are unknown, but could well be for killing other Yautja, as I personally don’t think its not within the realms of possibility for this to have taken place, seeing as it is often a common reason for Yautja to be Exiled/kicked out of their Clans. I actually consider the Bad Blood Predators in this game to be Mr Black, Falconer, and the Exiled Predator because of this. The very ornate body armour of the Exile that is covered in hundreds of his trophies from previous Hunts, also showcases all the deadly prey that he has faced, and conquered. He may even wear what appears to be wooden armour due to being so adept at hunting dangerous prey, that he seeks further challenge in his Hunts. There is not enough overall known about the Exiled Predator, but with speculation, and well-placed theories, he could well be one of the most vicious of all the Yautja in this game.

The Alpha Predator should also be greatly respected as the first ever Hunter, who with the most primitive forms of weaponry (I do own the Neca figure) overthrew his enslavers of whom were a worthy prey, that we do not know too much about, but it is safe to assume they were powerful if they were able to enslave the Yautja for so many years. The Alpha Predator’s armour is also entirely made up of these creature’s bodies and face. For the lack of technology that he has, he was definitely a devilish adversary, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Samurai Predator is also potentially in with a shout purely because, that of course Samurai’s are some of the most deadly, powerful, skilled fighters in earth’s history, so imagine a Yautja version of them. Again, not enough is really known about this Predator, but it is safe to assume he is a badass, and very adept in hand to hand combat to say the least.

Mr Black is in with a shout to not be underestimated aswell, because after all he is the Youngest Yautja ever to kill a Xenomorph and reach Blooded rank, he also displayed the best prowess of all the Super Predators in the movie. Mr Black is mainly to be feared here because he does not follow the honour code, so he will do anything, and everything to win. Two of the other Predators may be engaging in a hand-to-hand duel, and Mr Black may blow them both away with his Plasma Caster. He isn’t the most powerful of these Hunters, but he is certainly one of the most ruthless and shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Captured/Crucified Predator I personally believe is a worthy adversary as he nearly defeated Mr Black 1v1 using only his bare hands and wrist blades, while Mr Black resorted to Plasma to disorient him. Bear in mind that the Crucified Predator was also strung up on that totem for weeks and managed to put up that good a fight. In the lore it took Mr Black, Falconer and all of Tracker’s hounds to even capture him, which is why I believe there is a lot more to this character than is originally let on.

Also all of the Default Hunters, Scouts and Berserkers are technically the representation of modern Predators anywhere after 2018 to around 2025, so they could either be Young Bloods, or they could secretly be an Uber Wolf Predator, especially as they have no backstory to tell thus far. Just a thing to bear in mind.

In the end the most likely Predators to dominate as individuals of high stature and prowess are Wolf, Cleopatra and Elder.

The Elder only has the mobility and age weakness so likely wouldn’t be able to keep going as much as the other two.

Wolf is the most heavily armed and proved to be badass on screen, while having virtually no weaknesses.

Cleopatra has no weaknesses we are aware of and defeated Dutch and his experienced team of Predator killers with ease, so is already way more deadly than the Jungle Hunter. She is also easily the smartest Yautja in the arena, and is arguably the most ruthless, take no bullshit Predator, and she, as quoted by Dutch himself “Doesn’t fuck around like the males did”. Btw @NomadClan Cleopatra also had a Combistick as Dutch states in the tape “Napoleon”. It was stated by Dutch to have been spiked in the ground with a human skull and spine wrapped around it.

Overall the 2 last standing are most likely to be Wolf and Cleopatra. Between those two, I cannot decide the victor. Wolf is much more heavily armed, but has a strong sense of honour so will likely strip himself of his ranged weapons to fight Cleo in hand-to-hand combat. Either way Cleo is much smarter and will likely capitalise on Wolf’s honour and use it against him. If they were to engage in a melee duel, Wolf is very strong and a skilled fighter and will likely hold his own very well. Cleopatra is also a very tanky Predator as stated with in-game stats, partnered up with the joint highest melee damage passive increase in the game. Cleopatra’s armour also completely covers her body, so Wolf will have to make his hits count. Whether they fight with Wrist Blades or Combisticks, it will be a close fight. Wolf was able to overpower multiple Xenomorph Warriors at once with his bare hands, and Cleopatra sat Dutch on his ass twice without even breaking a sweat, and this is AFTER he becomes a soldier that is quite literally specialised in hunting Predators. There is also not as much known about Cleopatra as there is about Wolf, so again, there is room to speculate about her greater feats.

They are both very evenly matched but for some reason I would want Cleopatra to win, seeing as she is pretty much the only Predator made by Illfonic with a badass backstory and she could’ve easily killed Dutch, but chose not to. Wolf is also a very cool Predator but I find myself routing for Cleo. Especially as I played as Cleo a lot more than Wolf when she came out, than when Wolf came out. Cleo is also arguably my best Predator suited to my playstyle when she has adrenal boost👍🤣

Cleo Vs Wolf is the finale either way


Talking about what we saw in the movies and the “lore” behind the characters,

I’d say Wolf and Elder are the last two standing.

Elder might be victorious due to his experience and (theoretically) skill,
but the fact that we don’t know on paper if an Elder passed or not his peak, makes Wolf an even possibile winner.

Free choice between them I think.


SEE I LOVE THIS!!! THIS IS SOMEONE WHO REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT! I must say I thought the same, but I imagined Falconer and Mr.Black actually teaming up till the end.

I wish I could pin this comment


Too be honest from what I know about the lore of wolf engaged Cleo in had to hand he’d lose because the females are supposed to be bigger and stronger unless that lore changed I’d say she would win in hand to hand otherwise I’d say wolf just because of his arsenal and he has more feats than we know if as well since he’s and aged elite that chose to be a cleaner so he’s cleaned up lots of messes around the galaxy and had to have killed a queen and possibly some bad bloods and a predalien previously and Cleo is most likely and elite as well and like you said we know even less about her.


Thank you Nomad👍 yes when it comes to a topic like this I have to go into detail👍

And yeah the possibility of Mr Black and Falconer teaming up is actually more of a probability.

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PHG’s changed the biology of the Females so no the Females aren’t OP over the males. Instead it might be on par or less then equal to the males, but who’s to say.

It really is tuff to decide, I hope we get to hear @IllFonic jump in on this subject for I’d like to know what they’d think

It’s a very strong possibility, and if so Mr. Black automatically wins for he is stronger then Falconer and puts a fear factor on Falconer & Tracker.

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I think she’s more concerned about shutting down fake arguments, policing “politics” and not answering user questions to give her obviously ill-informed opinion (anyone who doesn’t have Predator 2 immediately after Predator on their ranking list is a slug).

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Yeah that is definitely a possibility, however that’s if they are the last two standing of course.

The Jungle Hunter and Crucified Predators would also team up as they are from the same Clan

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That is definitely true! In that case City Hunter & Elder/Greyback would team up too. Huh maybe I should make a team up version🤔

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hes probably literally blind and has the worst aim of any yautja we’ve seen lol

predalien let him live several times so he could have his heckin honorable strip duel on the roof.

Maybe. It all depends whether you actually categorize the Elder as the exact same one from Predator 2. If so, then yeah why not.

If I were you I’d make a poll next on which people think would win, then create a Fireteam one, of which can be a case of individuals, or it can be a few Fireteams/Fireteam types against the other e.g.

  • Classic April 2020 team
    Assault, Scout, Recon, Support.
  • DLC team
    Dutch 87, Dutch 2025, Isabelle, Dante.
  • O.W.L.F taskforce team
    Dutch 2025, Isabelle, O.W.L.F Operative x2
    Etc. Etc.
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Meh. Only half blind due to his eye. His aim wasn’t too bad depending on which weapon you’re talking about. He was adept with the Shurikens, but not the most accurate with the Plasma Casters from a very long distance while enraged from an injury, still better aim than Mr Black though - he virtually missed every Plasma shot when he was trying to kill Crucified Predator.

The thing is with the Predalien is that Wolf had already spent the last rough 24 hours restlessly hunting down the Xenomorphs and fighting dozens of them, of which injured him and few times and this would have of course drained some of his energy. Not to mention that a few minutes prior to Wolf’s final confrontation with the Predalien, he had been fired on with a full magazine from an Assault rifle, and rugby tackled down an elevator shaft by a Xenomorph Warrior. Meanwhile the only visible injuries the Predalien sustained all movie prior to the final confrontation was a slash across the gut from Wolf’s Wrist Blades.

Also if Wolf hadn’t lost his Plasma Pistol when he fell down the elevator and he hadn’t chosen to fight the Predalien with his bare hands then he likely would have killed it IMHO.

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Like the whip? He was disarmed.

15 that were acting wildly out of character. You could say xenos are only as smart as their queen since Aliens.

Well there wasn’t technically a queen anymore, so I guess it would be in character of them to act wildly since the hive mind is practically none existent.

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But didn’t the prwdalien become the queen aince it was able to implant eggs into women.

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The predalien was said to be an adolescent queen by the directors so was like a praetorian version of the predalien

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Ahhhh okay that makes sense