Predator Hunting Grounds Content Creators Community Thread!

 **Welcome to Predator Hunting Grounds**

and welcome everyone to the PHGCCCT! On behalf of the PlayStation Playerbase and Day 1 Player of the game, I’d like to warmly welcome the Xbox Players that officially joined our Forums!

This place here is for others Content Creators (both Xbox, PlayStation, and PC Players) to share YouTube Videos, Interactions with Subscribers (that you think are worth sharing), Fan Art, Discussions or just helping each other out, as well as a place to set up collabs with other Content Creators with Crossplay. If you have any questions at all be sure to ask here, we will try to answer the best of our ability.

We hope you enjoy your stay.😁


Thus begins the official rivalry of PS and Xbox predators

You filthy sex-box players r going down


Love this is the first comment even though this was put here just for when they make the game for Xbox Players


I’m holding a livestream to test the new Patch Note 2.50 of Predator Hunting Grounds by IllFonic
I guess we are back 👀 (link below ⬇️)


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Oh, a Neca Feral, nice.

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Post links to your socials so that the good people of the internet know where to find you

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I honestly forgot to do that, alrighty then:

•Here’s my YouTube, where I post all my main content! Whether it be Predator Hunting Grounds, AVP, Predator Mods, or God of War, etc.

•Here’s my Tumblr where I will post Nomad Clan related Fan Art, as well as supporting artists I’ve gotten to know & you can commission^^

•Here’s my Twitter / X where I share opinions, support fellow creators, artists, and fans of the Predator Fandom or other Fandoms.

•And Here is my TikTok, where I mostly use it for short funny skits (that eventually maybe would go on my YouTube Shorts) where just like Twitter & Tumblr, I support my fellow content creators of the fandoms I enjoy^^


Ayo can I get that discord link

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I gotcha!