Predator Killer Class

I may hate fireteam and call em fire pussies but I’d sure love to play as the predator killer if they add said character as wither a separate class or cosmetic. BUT I want the fireteams either nerfed nerfed or buff the preds to 50-50 (currently 70 for Firepussies and 30 for preds.), or if they add it as a separate class, much stronger than all fire team classes stat-wise but not to the point that it can 1v1 a predator for fairness unless being the last man standing. Idgaf if you disagree

Wait you hate the balance of the game yet you want to fuck over the balance of the game on purpose?

I did not stutter. It’s possible to meet the sweet spot that keeps the game balanced as it should be. Read the description again.

Let it burn


No I know exactly what you said.

You still want the game balanced 50-50 for pred to FT

The issue is that you want to fuck the balance up between FT classes.

So you still want to fuck the balance up.

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Yeah but he said fire pussies like 5 times so he wins


That’s right, bitch

Fuck them fleshlites.

if one of its 8 casters hits the pred it should end the match instantly and throw everyone back into the main menu while awarding the FT 999999 VT

if it melee’s a pred player it should crash their game and delete their save data


Shouldn’t exist just like the upgrade predator

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Stuttered? You having a stroke dude?

chuckles nice joke.

My dick is having and being stroked. You have soft hands.

It hurt itself in confusion… again.

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You know proper grammar, girl?

I love it when you try, it’s so cute.

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I like how I say I k ow what you meant, and you resort to insults rather than logical arguments

Nice to know your a moron

  1. I already made a compelling point.
  2. Redundancy is no longer an option hence insult is earned.
  3. idgaf. I want my 30 dollars be worth the purchase and NOT go to shit since I won’t be able to refund it.