Predator Perk Suggestions (2024)

•Greatly increase fireteam interaction time to complete objectives (holding square). Why?: This would make Tactician a bit more viable in the long run even when the predator has no more traps.

•Increase bear trap health (equivalent to the smart disc HP). Why?: This will help prevent fireteam to instantly destroy them before even being deployed and reducing their ammo more quickly.

•Take reduced damage from plasma based weapons while on a tree. Why?: Since plasma weapons ignore branches.

•Greatly decrease predator wrist bomb explosion activation to guarantee a fireteam kill. Why?: fireteam are extremely quick at deactivating the wrist bomb. So having a suicide build makes sense to make fireteam to have more of a 50/50 risk to actually completing the puzzle or running ASAP.

•Melee attacking will not disable cloaking but will reduce predator melee damage by 10%. Why?: this might help making melee a bit more viable for hit and run tactics.

•Ai guerrilla fighters will now all be spawned in as stargazer troops/operatives, if the predator kills them it will give the predator more XP. Why?: the regular ai troops with ak’s are just too weak. Stronger ai might help out in the long run.

•Slightly increase HP regeneration from eating a pig. Why?: sometimes they don’t give the predator full HP back, so this should make it guaranteed.

•Predator able to reclaim their mask but the mask will be moderately easier for fireteam to knock off. Why?: Sometimes it’s annoying to have the mask pop off early game and makes tracking fireteam difficult to apply pressure.

•Take reduced damage from all sources while eating a pig. Why?: pig spawns seem to be near fireteam. It’s impossible to get a healing from a pig against fireteam that camp or actively hunt/chase you down.

•Upon entering second wind, the predator can not be pinged and fireteam members will receive a greatly movement speed decrease. Why?: the purpose of second wind is to allow a second chance, rn fireteam are too quick and deadly against a very vulnerable second winded predator.

•Wrist Blades have a bleed effect for 3 seconds that deal 1 damage each second. Why?: Traditionalist trophy is pure hell and this will help make wrist blades more viable.

•Moderately increase tree branches health. Why?: since they don’t respawn this would be a great help to encourage tree gameplay.

•Increase climbing speed. Why?: there’s a branch speed perk, so why not a climbing perk too?

•Takes 2 knife hits for a fireteam member to save a netted teammate. Why?: it’s too easy to destroy rn.

•While healing (pig, second wind, or item) if receiving damage the plasmas caster will return fire on the source attacking you. Why?: sentry defense when extremely valuable will prevent fireteam from applying to much pressure, same against ai.

•General Quality Life Update; give the predator one more perk slot or allow the predator to keep using perks till number cap is reached.

Illfonic doesn’t need to implement any of these suggestions if you simply try to git gud.
Most of your ideas are idiotic due to ignorance, one example is: “take less damage while eating boar”? Eating boars has always been a high-risk-high-gain thing.
It’s like the suggestions were made by a 12 year old who don’t know how to play.

There is, it’s called Ascender.

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Yeah, I just noticed Ascender. I’ve been trying it out. It’s ok. I was hoping it’d be a little faster.

I like my suggestions regardless of your dislike. I don’t expect them to make it into the game but it still would add more to the game for more fun gameplay to keep players in a match longer for more risky moves rather than being a bunny hopper always with a range weapon imo.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my feedback.

I agree with certain stuff, but I don’t think AI guerrilla should be changed. It causes enough headache for fireteam. Also I disagree predator being able to reclaim the mask. But if they would implement all of those type of balances mentioned instead rather few which I would totally support, it would be instead of fireteam OP, be the Predator OP.

You’re right about the ai. Nevermind about that. I can actually see how annoying they could get in combination of a good ranged predator. I just like the extra struggle sometimes but I get where you’re coming from.

I’m curious though. What did you agree with?


Agreed, also I would like to add that bear traps should not glow blue-white since it makes them instantly visible.

I disagree, in my opinion it’s already OK as it is.

I absolutely agree.

I agree, but I also think that damage should not be reduced, but remain the same.

I only agree that it should give predator more exp, but not need to change AI troops into all strongest.

I agree.

I completely disagree. It should remain as it is.

I disagree, it should remain also as it is.

Also disagree, it should remain as it is.

I agree, wrist blades vanilla weapons are too weak.

Disagreed, it should also remain as it is.

Disagreed, but there is perk for climbing though, but anyways, it should all remain as it is.

Totally agree. I prefer maybe even 3 hits to destroy net.

I disagree completely, that would be too much and would not make logical sense from even balance perspective too.

I agree. More perk points too.

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Awesome. I pretty much agreed with you’re opinion for all of them except for one, for rn. Which kinda has me a little confused/shocked sorta lol

It’s the prevent ping and add a slow down on a ft during second wind?

I can kind of actually see how maybe a scout and Hunter wouldn’t need this but a berserker could use this, since they are generally a lot slower and have terrible stamina to get anywhere safe, no?

Maybe this could just be a new specialization instead of a perk to make sure it stays exclusive to that class and not universal?


Reason is that even as deathsquad against good predator that aims good even with hand held plasma caster can dominate the game, it would simply be too much and impossible for fireteam to win the game. You have no idea how much brutally strong predators I’ve encountered in my almost near 4000 hours of playtime.

Understood. I kinda have experienced predators like that and it does feel obnoxious. I just haven’t seen a berserker do it yet, successfully for now.

But I’ll take your word for it cause 4k hours is impressive. And in my book, experience outranks everything… xD

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Maybe adding Stalker or Analytic to all predator characters and then Berserkers would be able to perform range damages.

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Buff melee damage perk and the katana sword… please. Not everyone can aim.

I believe both those things are fine. Katana I view more for hit and runs. Fearless feels strong enough but maybe reduce its perk cost to two points instead of four perk points.

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Axe is better in that regard, since Axe causes bleeding damage and far bigger than Katana.

How to get traditionalist trophy:

Do it in a private match against bots, max your damage, minimize ft health and damage

Thats how i got mine

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Which weapon has longer bleed duration though?

Melee weapons sometimes have the tracking feeling a little cheap (hard to hit)? Maybe it’s just legitimately a skill issue on my end but implementing a perk that better makes weapons lock onto fireteam members could be nice.

The reason why I ask is cause I don’t have 4,000 hours so I’m not really sure how fair it would be? I just hate not having to make a proper trade of damage and losing a ton of HP

Pretty much bleed is not such important stuff as much as damage per hit, especially alt attack. Axe and Hook weapons are 2 best, rest are garbage for potato players pretty much and good fancy look. If you wanna win melee games, just use either hook or battle axe with ghost specialization on predator. I prefer axe everyday of a week.

I mean, if you want cheap and easy wins, yeah, use the axe. Its literally a potato weapon, press R1 and R2 to auto-win. I have more respect for Hook users.

Does Ironside still work during attack animations or just running, healing, climbing, and stealth kills?

Really like some of your ideas but they should be added as balanced perk options. Not forced to be the new default.

Phg currently is fun.

If it changes too much…maybe not

Yes, that’s what I mean. It should be a balanced option set for more choice’s as perks to swap out for different perks

Like it’d be so fun to fight the predator then to find out he actually had a suicide build lol

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