Predator perks: rework

Predator perks: rework

  • impenetrable, 80% damage taken
  • height advantage, 65% damage taken
  • fearless, 20% more melee damage, 5 perk cost
  • downrange, 20% more ranged damage, 5 perk cost
  • Branch master, add ascender buff, remove ascender perk
  • hanging on, add clotted buff, remove clotted perk
  • observant, 3 perk cost, add spectral awareness buff, remove spectral awareness perk
  • impatient, 4 perk cost


Those of you still in the forum, would these changes allow for more variety and more interesting builds or are there potential imbalances?


I don’t have any clue what those numbers mean. To me i would need to see a comparison as what you think it is at and what you want it to change to in terms of percentages.
and why you think something needs a buff if you think you can’t get your way around the issue.

Honestly I’ve seen some shitty Predator plays lately. No amount of buff or % can allow them to survive. But don’t get me wrong, lots of Predaotrs players were killing it a week ago. Maybe they were different players.

Lets stop the assumptions that if you’ve played a few bad games, suddenly everyhting needs a buff and it is not your strategy at fault here.

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Raise observant to 4 points.
Leave modified reserve solo and put energy cell into cooling syncs instead.

Impenetrable and Height advantage can’t stack anymore (can they now still? Haven’t checked since 2.05), you’d never kill a ranged tree zerker.

I’d rather the base damage be improved on weapons and have fearless and down range be 10% personally. It would make them strait up required perks at 20%

This is killing me ILMFAO because every week we get the same type of posts over and over again about possibly dampening or increasing dmg something has. Is it because everyweek there are new players?

Has anyone actually changed their loadouts and climbed out of their comfort zones?

Nah…we’re starved for content and with no communication this is our only option to try and flesh the game out better

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I thought zerker doesn’t have enough perk points for impenetrable and height advantage, already.

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Isn’t that up to the individuals loadout and class? You can’t just stick to a berzerka 4life and think it needs a buff everywhere.

Might not, haven’t looked at one for a while so I’m not sure.

These changes aren’t for me. I have a build and strategy that works fine. I never break a sweat against randoms, even with crossplay, and against premades, sometimes one or two escape, sometimes I get the elimination.

I would just like to see more variety and my ideas are based off of what I read on the forums and discuss with other players in my group.

I like your idea of adding usually not used perks into meta perks, like cooling syncs with modified reserved that is a good idea, Branch Master with ascender, makes those one trick pony perks become viable and clear up the clutter for pred perks.

Also Impenetrable buff is a good idea barely makes a difference with 4 ft with bane as of current patch.

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I thought of energy cell and modified reserve or energy cell and cooling syncs, but I think energy cell is already a very strong perk.


Yes. Exactly. That’s a big part of what I am trying to accomplish.


Yeah cause I like ascender, just hardly use it cause because there are much better perks to use than it.

Right. And how many times have you read on the forums that people complain about predator only having three perks slots. I don’t think Illfonic is going to add another slot, so let’s just make each perk more significant, and I feel like that would be enough.

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Yeah, I doubt that either, mostly likely they will rework perks eventually or combine perks, personally I would like a rework, but combing perks will allow different metas and be alot more variety in builds and wont require alot of time to do for the devs, not just

Large pouch, Impenetrable, Down Range etc…

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I feel that way on modified reserve. Especially with cloak what it is the infinite invisibility build is viable and all.
Can go either way really

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Everything should be viable.
Ppl should be forced to play with what they don’t want to.

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Not a fan if cost goes up tbh.
Things are already super limited as it is.

If you make the damage perks more powerful, with the same cost, I think that would lead to a few OP builds running fearless and Downrange.

I get those, but I’m more concerned of not having impenetrable with any damage perk and large pouch.

I feel like that should still be allowed.
Maybe you can only choose one or the other?

Range or fear I mean.
Without a point restriction.
You know how some perks dont work in clash?
Kinda like that.