Predator specialisations Ideas

IDK I’m Tired

Dual Weld…like One hand holds Elder sword the other a warclub…i thought that was what you guys were…talking about…nvrmnd.

Unfortunately not
But now that you’ve mentioned it. It would be interesting to see how it could be implemented in the way you just described

Dual wield would be awesome. Net launcher and sickle would be the meta.

It’s a bit complicated. My idea is that each weapon and gear would be assigned to be either left handed, right handed or two handed, you can use one right handed weapon and one left handed weapon at a time, and one two handed weapon but nothing else. It doesn’t literally have to be in your hand so PC would be left handed.

If your still confused I made a vid I can share.

My idea (Net Gun/Launcher gear idea) being used in dual wield would be pretty deadly

Hell using Wrist Launcher, Net Gun, or HHPC would be pretty OP

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Pretty much Concert Jungle in a nutshell, but I’d still like to see your video

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Don’t judge me :P

Your dual system, again is very to Concrete Jungle, is alright but I don’t think gear(excluding wrist launcher) should be useable wile using another weapon. Gear should be also considered a two-handed weapon.

Now to justify my it being considered a two-handed weapon we should be allowed to smack people while it’s equipped, the smack should be about 15 damage (regardless of what Predator is used)

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I don’t think 15 damage is enough to be worth anything.

Plus the use of a bear trap or a future smoke made while using something like the elder sword may be useful to help combo into each other

I noticed your mic cutting in and out. Obviously it’s the PS4’s fault, recording sucks whenever that happends.
Also your mic was a little to loud

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Thanks for the feedback when I post a video…

In a week…


In a year…

4 years…

When I’m dead…

Sure damage could be negotiable but I still think gear like that should be considered two-handed in, your system. I also think swapping between gear and weapon should be much faster

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Estaría bien unos emissary predator que trabajen con la IA

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That’s so random and out of place it might actually work

Predator Specialization - Plasma melee weapons!
Example: (suggest only slower Melee): Katana / Battle Axe/ War Club get extended plasma based striking ranges which can remain lingering in the air (a plasma streak) for maybe 1-3 extra seconds which delivers damage (not bleed damage) but actual one hit damage.
Specialization will produce a special visual effect that makes it look like its cutting heat in the air. and maybe add a glow to the weapon as well.

Post was inspired by


You guys need to be realistic, just look what they gave FT, just some number modifications, no special effects or similar things.

I know we’re literally just throwing ideas a Illfonic’s window, but one of these ideas might get implemented

I doubt Illfonic will give predator specialisations. At most, they’ll probably just buff some of the perks that predator already has.