Predator super twitchy when jumping. (PS5)

When jumping (not leaping) as Predator on the PS5 causes your character model to twitch out. Only solution to this problem so far is to cap your frame rate to 30.


Haha oh man that’s hysterical. Frames beyond 30 makes the game bug out. Jesus 🤦‍♂️

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How does that even work?

Yupp already made a post about this fix ur game illfonic

Just found out that in private matches it seems to not do it for whatever reason

Soooooo Idk where to start.

I play on a Ps5 and have internet from the gaming gods. So this does nor effect me.

I also play with the framerate cap turned off.

So this is sounds like a poor internet quality type of issue.

Also most of my squad has a ps5 as well and do not seem to get this either.

You probably just dont notice it because your an idiot

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Lol! Sure thing my guy! Sure thing lol! Best comeback ever. Let me know when you stop using McDonalds wifi and get some real internet and then check back there big guy

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Hey guys. Are you guys experiencing this on your ps5 I am not and Im not entirely sure on what is causing this for them. Maybe we can put our melon minds together and figure out the cause. They already have the solution for the problem but we other ps5 players who have framrate cap turned off do we experience this

Don’t play as pred much but have had zero issues in the rounds I have played.

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Has nothing to do with ping i am hardwired with 88.5 download and 39.8 upload dont talk to me about ping kid try again

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Lol. Your hard wires getting those numbers. My internet triples those numbers. Thats some shit ass internet there bud.

Okay. So do we think its a poor internet then?

I dont believe you 😂

Okay cool thing there AJ lol. Your nat type is clearly a 2 while I have a nat type of 1. So this is clearly a internet issue

… it’s supposed to be nat type 1???

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Nat type is just the type of firewall you have protecting your system. 1 is usually your own firewall while nat type 2 is using the one that your internet provider sets up for you.

Idk why you need to be hostile but whatever man. Do you booboo. Il will continue to run my game with the frame rate turned off and enjoy the game

Either way it still has nothing to do with ping. Ive had this game since launch and never had this issue until the February update as soon as I uncapped the frame rate it occurred and when i cap it it goes away

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Okay. And thats all fine and dandy there man. Im saying that its not a ping issue since that is just the time it takes for your internet to sync with the server.

Its a internet issue meaning your internet can not handle playing the game at a uncapped frame rate. So you Ping could be zero doesn’t mean the game is gonna support the uncapped framerate.

I remember having something like this happen on my PS4 but it wasn’t often. I think it had something to do with changing direction while trying to jump and a collision?

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