Predator vs Cheaters (video)

Hop in guys on the premiere if you have nothing better to do.

@OldKingHamlet check the video and tell the team to fix this exploit.
It’s been there since the Clash mode came.


Well technically they are not cheaters for doing that but they are called exploiters and abusers.

If u mean as in cheater… not playing by the rules as in 4v4 and only abusing the game parts. then yes they are cheaters in that sort of sense…

But as in hacks and stuff they are not.

Mainly exploiters but oh well…

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Clash has been around for a month and a half in this state, I wonder what fixes are coming

Does anyone know how to do it?? Cause I haven’t seen no one explaining how to do it…so For me it seems like a unknown glitch bug

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You dont really want ppl explaining how to do glitches.
Otherwise it spreads

You’re telling me that using an exploit that gives you full invisibility to everyone, even the Predators heat vision mode, isn’t cheating?

Cmon man…

Get as close to them as possible, preferably stealthily, and then use a UAV. It highlights them and if you’re good enough, gives you enough time to take them down.

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The more faster it spreads , the more faster will be known and fixed…


Define cheating.

Is it: Abusing the broken game


Is it: Hacking injecting scripts

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Idk it took them months to fix the ones on backwater.
That’s my concern.

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It’s both coffee.
Both are forms of cheating.


Fam it aint cheating as in cheating hacking if the players are abusing broken game asset lmao…

But its cheating as in not being fair play to everyone… as in abusing or exploiting

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This 12 min 59 sec cheat was intense.

It’s a bug that you can trigger it anytime you want it gives you the effect it gives.
I have a video where these two guys triggered it. They knew how. Two games in a row before I left the queue.

This was an odd one time thang…don’t think much of it. You made a convincing video though.

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Hacking is cheating.
Exploits are cheating.

Just different types of cheating.


I’m sure there are plenty of newbie playstation players digging into the code with microsoft notepad as we speak. LMFAO…same goes for PC gamers…like they need to hack.

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Exploiting a bug is not hacking the game form of cheating.

Exploiting is cheating on a level of playing manner and fair play. As in abusing a game bug that is not fixed… It wont get u banned if u do that lmao.

However using modified game files client side to use them as hacks and give ur self god mode or smth is also called cheating but on a whole different level.

The level which devs cant fix cause the players modify the game files them self and only bans cant stop that.

Wow, the myths you guys like to pass to one another.

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After i start PHG i usually open up the console and type in God or IDDQD, whichever works for the day.