Predator Vs. Predator Tournament!!!

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Welcome to Predator Vs Predator Tournament!!!

Basic Rules :

 The Rules are simple. The is going to be a Last Man Standing Type of Game. Last Predator Standing Wins Fight to the Death. There will be an Arena that the Predators will be assigned to fight,  Do not step outside the Arena and No Tree Climbing. You’re allowed All Weapons and Cloaking. Be as Creative as possible.

How Will This Work?

The Spectator and I ( P-willie2000) ( HeadHonkeey93 ) will invite the Two Predators into a Private Match with the Clash Game Mode, Then we will do a 2 V 2 type of Game where the Two Predators will be on opposite Teams. The Spectator and I will capture the objective Over and Over again until The Two Predators Facing each other are Chosen, Then once the Predators are in the Game we will Go to The Arena and then The Two Predators will Fight to the Death. Last Predator Standing Wins.


Yes we are gonna allow everyone to be able to Participate. I want to allow everyone to get a chance and play and I wanna see who has the Best Predator when it comes down to Predator Vs Predator.

Will There Be Prizes?

 Yes there will be a First Place Winner, A Second Place Runner Up, And A Third Place  Worst Battle. Prizes are yet to be anounced but will contain Either T- shirts , Coffee Mugs, Posters, ETC

Dates and Times?

 As of Now We are Starting Saturday October 31st and Sunday November 1st at 8:00PM EST Time to 11:00PM EST Time. This will be streamed on billygang420 tournaments Channel     Link - [](

I’ll be recording all Matches and Making Videos for each Week and each Match Link -

The Maxium is 50 Players unless we Need more room as long as it’s an even number we’re good. If theres any questions please DM on here Link -


Cool, I look forward to it.

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hell yeah man Ill see you there

Interested to see how this balances out given pred vs pred is in its vanilla stages and hasn’t seen any tailored changes or updated mechanics from the devs yet. Is Elder sword is allowed?
Def more interesting to watch with ranged weapons.


yes everythings allowed just no tree climbing and stay in the arena

I support the idea, I think its great, but Clash is so bugged, its not even real.

I think you shoud also include class tiers, because Zerker with the most health is gonna win against lets say Scout only because Zerker has a massive HP pool and thus can take more dmg.


Should be really cool to see how Pred classes stack up against one another.

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Will it be one and done, win 2 out of 3? Losers bracket?

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It is buggy but it would be the same for everyone. Maybe frame rate won’t be so bad when it’s only 4 players in the game and only 2 are in close vicinity of each other.

Plus no smoke grenades. I think I’ve heard that they maybe cause frame rate to drop


I dont have fps problems in the Clash, but some ppl on PS4 do and dont play it cause of it.

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I guess. I’ve still seen ps4 players enjoy clash so I hope we get a good crowd


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This is gonna be the one place a zerk with fearless is useful

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its def gonna make for some interesting pred builds LOL

Dont be shy guys LOL we have 4 people could use alot more!!!

I’m thinking

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absolutley man no pressure I will just remind everyone theres a tourney I know not everyone will show but maybe well get some new faces here and there if you know anyone whos down for this share away that would be awesome

Heres a video explaining everything

This tournament would be an amazing idea only if pred vs pred mechanics were actually implemented and existed. Until then the devs just popped it in there to keep us “happy” but in reality pred vs pred is extremely unbalanced and not even close to what it needs to be to make it seem interesting or viable.

Good luck on your tournament though guys! Hope it turns out alright in this mess of a game

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