Predator Vs. Predator Tournament!!!

When’s the next practice?

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Today around 5:30 6ish ill be doing them everyday until the halloween

Viking Predator is Joining The Tournament!!! plus its way faster and easier to get Pred makes for better practice!!!

Will it be everyday around the same time?

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So if there is not a hotfix in the next 24hrs we will have to postpone the Tournament due for a week to Private matches Crashing illfonic is going Live tonight 6:00PM EST on Twitch Link - im very sorry for this I really hope they fix this soon

@OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

The Predator Vs Predator Tournament will start next Saturday due to Privates not working im sorry but until privates work we cannot do the tournament

Hopefully we get a hotfix by then

Update on the Predator Vs Predator Tournament!!!


Be awesome if private match can be clash then it could be both teams cheering their Predator lolimage

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that would be cool but for now we can start with this maybe after a while we can get a pred vs pred mode if becomes popular enough


Yes please 😁

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are you wanting to sign up I need 3 more!!! and well have a full 50

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Won’t be home till 9

it starts next saturday LOL

What time I’m U.S

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Time Zones Starting :

8:00PM EST

7:00PM CT

5:00PM PST

12:00PM GMT

5:30AM IST

11:00am ACT

Time Zones Ending :

11:00PM EST

10:00PM CT

8:00PM PST

3:00AM GMT

8:30AM IST

2:00PM ACT

Still haven’t found a loadout I like, so just going to watch this one but what an awesome community event

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exactly man its all about having fun and being a part of a Great Community

I don’t understand this 😭