Predator Weapon Ideas

Ok honestly. Everyone has leveled up and gotten every predator Weapon. Right? Would the whip from AVP2 not be a good idea? Or maybe the ability to change our plasmacasters? Or adjust the length and type of our wriatblades? Falconer predators falcon? Or Trackers dogs?
If anyone thinks of anything else feel free to comment


yeah… this would be a dream…
better wristblades
ddouble plasma caster
Edit: Drones :)


i dont see how different styles of plasma caster and its details would benefit gameplay…so i would choose more elaborate weapons.

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Ya, I want a whip in this game, hopefully with new mechanics.


Give me a pred glaive. More damage and range than the combi stick but can’t be thrown

Of course you do… tie up mechanics perhaps, 😝


If you played avp evolution youd see where I’m coming from. The single blade with a launcher which then allows the fist fight to insue. The railgun plasmacaster, full auto(fast energy drain)

Predator weapon for FT?

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Also. I think a tree kill and skin animation would be awesome with a skull rip at the end

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More like strangle mechanic tbh.

No. You dont deserve it.

You wanna fuck the ninja turtles. We get it. Jesus christ.

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Yes I do, I killed them fair and square, it’s my trophy.

We need more ranged weapons. The predator has enough melee weapons for now. I think the shuriken would be perfect.

Illfonic should give the Predator a grenade launcher aswell, like this one.
4x Plasma Grenades / magazine.


Well alot of melee weapons. Can just be weapon variants like the glaive. For exampland all its other versions are basically a combi stick

How about a classic double barrel shotgun
Oh and dual wrist blades

What about implementing the shoulder cannon to fire an automatic three round burst in a specific directions while pred uses another weapon. I’d like the whip to have a grab and stun or throw mechanic. If pred is in the tree or on elevation perhaps the whip can be used to temporarily hang FT by the leg. Shuriken can be thrown to pin FT or at very displace. I know I’m bordering fantasy here, but it’s still fun to think about

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Hanging them by the leg sounds cool