Preliminary Fireteam weapon testing

How I test weapons
Fireteam: Dutch ‘25 w/Overseer
Predator: Berserker w/Savage

  • using these characters because they have no additional damage or defense

Damage Testing:
Distances are measured by spotting an object and having the predator stand against that object. One shot is taken to the center of the back. The predator kills the Fireteam player to end the round, and the damage is shown on the end game screen. To get decimals, increase both Fireteam damage 1000% and Predator health 1000%, then divide the result by 10.

Firerate Testing:
Weapons are fired full auto or as fast as possible. PS5 recording is saved at 60FPS. Number of rounds fired is divided by the number of seconds elapsed, to the nearest 1/60th. For example, the mini gun took 6.2 seconds (372 frames) to empty. 400/6.2=64.5


And no buff for EMPs
(Yes , I’m the only person who use that shit)


Are you talking about the mines?

The amount of value i got from them is insane
Against good preds ofcourse , not potatoes


Yeah. They should do Grenade level damage.

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I’m not sure about the damage
But like , increase the range of mines is a good buff
or maybe increase the numbers of EMPs

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Maybe instead of damage, they could disable stamina regeneration and have increased range like you said.

How much does suppressors reduce damage?

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Only damage nerf was for close range (3 meters or less). Any distance greater than 3 meters damage remains exactly the same (not a guess or a test, but actual game data comparison from data mining)

2.49 Firerate = 5000 shots per minute
2.50 Firerate = 5000 shots per minute

There was no changes to the minigun damage or firerate. Only minor (tiny) changes to bullet spread

I think you guys need to come together and compare your methods of gathering data. I know Skoolboys process and I trust it, but I’m not sure how you guys gather your data. I think it would be beneficial for everyone if you guys collaborated


are you serious) Jelou hacked this game inside and out, you can rest assured of his numbers, and regarding the huge reduction in damage QR-4, G-ROW, GOSL-R and AR-W is complete nonsense

Jelou looks at the numbers on the game files

What sam said

Game files damage numbers are not a direct 1-1 translation to predator damage though, because Pred HP is not linear, there’s HP “armor” which reduces damage by factors depending on what the actual HP number is at the moment. Plus different limbs will take different damage, head having a 1.1 damage factor.

I know skoolboys process and I don’t trust it because it is prone to human error, as it is derivative and simply an interpretation of game experience, rather than actual empirical data mined from the game. If no other method is available, is a good guide, but should not be taken as absolute correct data unless confirmed with game files data. There has been multiple discrepancies in the past with his data, proven by both me and @BeerWarrior66

All this testing is unnecessary at this point when you have a few people from the community actively datamining the game. All you gotta do is ask. Someone asked me in a post a few weeks ago about the changes to the vector and I answered pretty quickly. True, accurate numbers and it doesn’t take me any testing, just opening two files and comparing the numerical values.

Here’s an example of the GOSL-R from version 2.49 (right side) and version 2.50 (left side)

Value 2 is distance in centimeters and Value 3 is damage. As I said earlier, only close range values where changed, which IMO, is insignificant as most engagements against good players will take place at distances greater than 3-5 meters.


Thanks for explaining that. Do you guys have a document with most, if not all of the stats? I try to keep everyone on PS as accurately informed as possible, and most of them come to me with questions about certain stats that I usually have memorized. However, I memorized Skoolboys stats, so I may be giving out inaccurate information. I’m not trying to discredit him whatsoever. While his data may be wrong, he still put in a lot of work, I think it’s a shame it was for nought. Regardless, it’d be great if you had a document handy that I could memorize and use as a reference when distributing information

I believe @BeerWarrior66 has a project on google with all this data, though I don’t think he has updated everything after patch 2.5

Honestly, is way too much data. I think is better to ask what data is relevant and needed than to document every little thing.

Also I haven’t find some specific data, such as movement speed, but rather modifiers, such as FT Scout speed modifier (1.06) and support (0.95), or double time perk (1.1), with assault not having any speed modifier and thus, has a value of 1 (whatever that speed is)

I have a prototype on hand for patch 2.49 but it’s not everything but you can take a look at what I have

Resource - Prototype Game Parameters

I ended up just keeping this as a weekend project but wanted to remake game parameters document in a more user friendly way

There’s a lot of stuff that can be removed an overall refined but I’m going to keep things like float multipliers, integer addition within modifier usage, also things like UU (Unreal Units) is an easier speed to say and read (Ex 1.02) as well as distance conversion to meters

@Derangedxeno_02 Here’s the basic stats for the base classes


Stamina 17 (version 2.49 value was 18)
Stamina Recovery Rate 2.5 (probably 2.5 points per second, this stat was nerfed from version 2.49, which was 5)
Exhaustion Duration 0.5 (probably in seconds, this value was severely buffed from 2.49 value, which was 2)
Base class. No modifiers. All factors have a value of 1

Stamina 19
Stamina Recovery Rate 3
Exhaustion Duration 0.35
Speed Modifier 1.03
Melee Damage Modifier 0.95
Interaction Speed Modifier 1.04


Stamina 22
Stamina Recovery Rate 4.25
Exhaustion Duration 0.15
Speed Modifier 1.06
Melee Damage Modifier 0.93
Interaction Speed Modifier 1.08


Stamina 16
Stamina Recovery Rate - no entry, probably same rate as assault
Exhaustion Duration 1
Speed Modifier 0.95
Melee Damage Modifier 1.08
Interaction Speed Modifier 0.95

The interaction speed is something that I have never even seen it being mentioned as a stat and it has been months since we knew there are differences between classes.

All modifiers are factors, including those from perks and passives. So almost everything stacks.

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Actual damage
32.08506 per pellet at 134.0374 centimeters
9 pellets per shell

Predator HP Armor

1000 - 1
500 - 1
400 - 0.95
250 - 0.8
0.1 - 0.75
0 - 0.5 (second wind)

Almost every Pred has twice as much HP during second wind and take half the damage, though there’s a timer (I have not found) that drains HP at a specific rate per second