Prey review

So apparently they retcon some comic Canon? I’m guessing its the flintock pistol. Which might retcon elder . Hopefully its good but one thing about this review , he states they give naru a alien to aliens character arc ,but instead of happening over two movies it happens in one .


The previous spoilers said that Naru fights alongside Captain Raphael and used the flintlock, but at the end she meets with him again and gives it back, which I guess leads in to the comic.

Jesus , that sounds stupid

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Incredibly. Maybe it makes more sense while watching the film.

She does not give the Flintlock back

Oh? I thought she did, my bad. I looked them up again, yeah, she meets him and he gives her his gun, but at the end she gives the gun to the chief

Smells like shite to me

When the most vocal Anti-SJW creator in the Predator fandom is going “There’s no wokeness in this, it was surprisingly really good” maybe it’s time to step back and admit some of us can be wrong.


i don’t know what that means. Retconning the elder? Well fuck what did we get in P2 in 30 seconds lest 5 seconds that scene existed in?
like what are you retconning? and what value did it give originally?

People think the movie retcons the Golden Angel comic book due to the heavy involvement of the Flintlock from P2 & Adolini who originally owned it & then gave it to Greyback, then Golden Angel at the time, being in Prey.

The thing is whilst this is all true & the movie ends with the Flintlock in the Tribe’s possession according to the Spoiler rundown, the movie also ends before the Comic actually begins and in the very end of the credits there is apparently a painting of another Pred Ship landing in the area which would presumably be Greyback/Golden Angel. Meaning that Prey can still lead into the old comic, we just don’t know how/when Adolini gets his gun back.

Is that the biggest selling point of this movie? Or a few pages of newsprint paper printed in the 80s? Honestly,…thats the least of my concerns of crit. The comics were good for what it delivered on …but to think it matters today is a moot point.

Well it’s clear people are supposed to be familiar with both Predator 2 specifically & the Golden Angel comic since this movie apparently plays heavily into said Comic. So I suppose this movie was also made with the intention of bridging EU material into the mainline.

when did anyone say that?

Spoiler rundowns on AVP Galaxy have mentioned it.

y4ah but when was this FILM a product of that specific product?Please be more clear and specify fan theory or speculation…because I couldn’t give a fuck about the comic if the film cost a little more…than what that comic cost you.

I mean I dunno I haven’t seen it, and won’t see it until Friday or Saturday depending on when the Discord does the community stream.


There is no point in putting your balls on the line because its NOT based on anything lore based.otherwise…i dont care. would you be happier that this film is based on lore?

I mean I’m going to see it because even Mr H is giving it a good review. I skipped 2018 and only watched it… freely… a few years after it came out just to shit on it more accurately.

But everybody mentioning that it pays credence to old lore, specifically stuff relating to P2 which is my favourite of the movies, does have me more interested than most details.

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I’m going to see it because it looks a million times better than what 2018 gave us. Based on the scenes and spoilers and reviews, it looks like a true return to form for the franchise. And it does include a lot of lore from P2 which is also my favorite film. I’m sure after release the director will be questioned about the flintlock pistol, and I hope whatever answer he gives will make sense, because…I’m not seeing it so far. Maybe offscreen the chief gives it back to Adolini as a thanks for helping his daughter/tribe, which leads in to the comic? I don’t know.

yeah for real! We’ve only seen teasers at which depicts a merely only glimpses and not much detail into any logical references. Where the 2018 movies was a shitfest of pretentious modern woke story lines.

no there are easter eggs if thats what you mean. Be specific. You can’t sell anything off of any logics of what has been teasered. teased is what is stressed here. Nothing more. there were half second clips…nothing more. if you’re sold on that than good on you!