Probably all leaked stuff we know...



90% will most likely wont come with this dlc


Maybe next free update

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ik but all we must do is hope…

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shuriken would make sense tho kinda

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You think were gonna get unique wristblades?

I hope so but I dont think that this will happen in this year .

Alpha pred got some so maybe he willl also

ahhhh yes youre right

YOOO this is huge… someone has to make a theory about AVP content… literally the pred body has to be a chestbuster like an xenomorpg buster…

yes I thought maybe it has to do something with an game mode

@WpMeOskar Can you tell me the actual names of the files? for the chestburst thingy… and also the first pic which looks weird brown

no, hell no. There will be no xenos. Maybe just a little easter egg about them but thats it. The predator shown their is what happens when OWLF removes organs or studys the predators body

I found all this pictures from this forum and post all of them here sry mate.

Well it might a game mode of like 3 v 10 and also it will be part of cutscene where they found bodies and are examining and stuff… in OWLF

Personally I think the predator body with his hole in his chest could be a gamemode something like maybe idk avp shit but without xenos just the facehuggers. What do you think?

Probably part of cutscene after fireteam win lol…

nah there is more I think about this thing