Hey I’m on PS4 and I’d like to connect with PC friends.

We’ve set up epic games accounts and we’re all friends but it’s showing my PC friend that I’m offline. Plus the PS4 doesn’t have a friends option in the menus, which PC players have in there menus, plus the PS4 doesn’t have the friends select menu screen pop up.


Me and my friend are having the same problem :(

Exactly the same here. When im on pc my friends appear offline even if they are on. The PS4 players cant invite me through the game. It brings up their PS UI and can only invite PSN friends. If they try and invite me on there, it goes through to my psn account on my phone / ps4 but not on my epic account.

Seems like its not been designed to work cross play like that. Just matchmaking…im hoping i’m wrong. We love the game but cant see us sticking at it very long if were unable to play together…

Any news?

Had Patch 1.06 today if it didn’t fix it this time let’s hope it does another time.

I am having this same issue. After the patch, my PS4 friend doesn’t even show up in the friends list. Last night he was just constantly listed as offline. We have both Epic accounts and PSN accounts linked and are friends on both platforms. It is absolutely wild that this is an issue. Hope this gets fixed soon as I want to go hunt and be hunted with my PS4 friends.

This was promised to be a feature at launch, and it isn’t working. I can crossplay with randoms, but I can’t make a party with my friends on another platform. Please fix it, or at least tell people that you are looking into it or something, you have been ignoring everyone asking about this!


Bumping because their silence isnt acceptable and one of the main reasons I bought this game was to play with my sister and brother who have a ps4




I am so mad too. FKIN ACKNOWLEDGE THE ISSUE @IllFonic

Hello! Got two of my ps4 buddies and myself to buy copies and havent been able to play with them. I really enjoy watching the game as I havent played yet so I can stay under the two hour mark. I hope you have crossplay fixed by friday or I’ll have to return your game until it is. At least publicly address the issue.

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Forget about this mate, pc gamers hacking already lol.