PS5 or Xbox Series X?

So which console are you planning on getting?

If PS5 gets a Predator: Hunting Grounds upgrade, I’ll def get a PS5. I’m only on PlayStation because of Predator.

My go to is Xbox and is where majority of my friends game from years of playing on Xbox Live.

PS5 for me.

I’m just a Playstaion kind of guy.


Ps5. I’m only interested in demon souls tbh.


I’m traditionally an Xbox player.

Purchased PS4Pro just for Predator: Hunting Grounds!

Waiting to see if Rockstar Games announces any kind of PlayStation exclusivity for GTAVI, but at least getting Series X.

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I dont think gta will be exclusive.
Its been on multiple systems for a while now lol.

The KFC console for sure 😁😜😂

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Xbox at heart but getting a PS5. Xbox just doesn’t have any good exclusives. I chose PS4 over X1 because of the exclusives.

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The answer is quite simple: BOTH


PS5. I went from Xbox to PlayStation because of titles and I have a couple of friends who bought PS too.


PS Cinco


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PS5 because Predator Hunting Grounds is Sony😏

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Both, I roll like that.


PS5 all day. The only games I ever cared for on Xbox was Halo, Gears of War and COD.

I’ll get both. Iv had every PlayStation and every Xbox. Not changing that now.

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Ps5 all day everyday. I refuse to support Microsoft until they make a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day. He should be the mascot for the company. Until then Fuck Microsoft straight to hell.

As of now I’m getting Series X, but if Predator gets re-mastered for PS5, then I’ll get that too.

Did you see the event? I was personally underwhelmed. Halo infinite looks like it was running on vanilla Xbox one. Not much real gameplay shown off for other games.

No, I have not seen the event. Will try to catch highlights later on.