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Hello my name is waleed
I am 100% sure of this bug
I’ve been playing predator hunting grounds for a couple of months in ps5 and there is a problem that sometimes happens in game sounds will be bugged and I can’t hear clearly everything is blurry
My friend just download it predator hunting grounds in his ps5 And he experienced the same bug And we got the bug at the same time and it went at the same time this bug have been in ps5 Version When the ps5 launched
Thanks that’s all

Yes this audio bug has been around for a long time now. On PS4 there’s nothing you can do about it but on PS5 you can try disabling 3D Audio in your system settings. I have only had the bug a couple of times since doing this. Hope this helps!🍉


Thanks 🙏🏻

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@REYNOSO_FUA11 you’re the expect here.



The devs don’t care

Don’t bother posting in this section

Make memes instead

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Like mello said it’s the audio bug. PS5 users can somewhat fix it by turning off 3D audio. If you’re on PS4 then you’ll have to order your own custom “deaf player” sign and carry it with you in the jungle. Trust me it’s better this way.


That bug isn’t there on PS4. At least i’ve never experienced…

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Used to be when excavation was dropped.

Within a month it was fixed I’d say.

Randomly pops up here and there.

It’s persistent on the ps5

You and @Elliott626 would both be wrong if you think that it was ever fixed on PS4. I’ve been dealing with this shit since excavation came out and it hasn’t ever gone away. I’ve made several threads on this and all of them either get ignored or ask the same questions which I answer and then it gets ignored again.

When the “fix” for PS5 came out I’m pretty sure they just said fuck it good enough but anyone on PS4 or Pro is fucked.

And people thought the bow bug was bad and lasted too long without a fix. With this damn bug you become useless to your team or you’re severely gimped as pred. Still waiting patiently for a fix but maybe I should stop complaining so they can fix it with the silence.

I’ve never ever experienced sound bug on PS4.
*knock on wood

Count yourself lucky because this happens whether you have a mic plugged in or not.

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Wouldn’t go as far to say I’m “wrong”.

Sort of a stretch no?

I did mention that it still isn’t fixed for PS5 too.

😕 you good man? @REYNOSO_FUA11

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Just a heads up. I’m on a PS5 and haven’t yet experienced an audio bug.


When it comes to that bug no I’m not good, I’m pretty fucking far from good. It’s been unanswered for so long that it feels like a feature at this point.

I apologize if I’m being aggressive, it’s not your fault and it should be directed at Illfonic but that bug gets me heated as I always get the run around when I ask if it’s even being looked at and most of the time it’s the same reaction of “it’s happening on PS4? No it can’t be it’s only on PS5 and we have a temporary fix for it.”.

It sucks all the fun out of the game especially when it happens consistently. What few games I can get in the week always get plagued with this. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve learned how to hunt preds without sound. Scouts with disciplined have lost their only positive trait against me.

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I feel you dude.

The amount of games we’ve played and you dominated that shit… even with the bug.

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Well there was never a fix for it we just turned off the 3d audio. But i also have ps4 pro and i never not once had the audio glitch on there so it may very well be your headphones or maybe your audio output settings…

Thing is I’ve tried other headsets and I still get. I’ve tried through another TV as well and same result. It’s happening on PC as well to other users so it’s not just me.

Also just because you don’t get it on your pro doesn’t mean anything, I don’t suffer bugs that other people get, doesn’t mean that it’s on them.

Have you tried deleting your saved data??

Yeah 3 times actually. The weird thing about this bug is that as soon as the mission is over the audio comes right back as if nothing happened.

Hm… how about try changing your audio format priority?? Im not sure what settings are on ps4 anymore im on ps5 now but on ps5 i see a weird settings like General: sound effects: toggle on/off maybe some weird setting like that may be causing the issue…