Put more effort in DLC

Predator DLC’s are lazy. You guys should release DLC with:
·1 new gear item…
·1 new melee/range weapon…
·Then ur reskin for what weapons we have last… BUT actually make the reskin affect the weapon differently.
·New specialization
·Add passive perks

Free DLC:
should be focused on theme maps for Viking Preds, Samurai, and now Egyptian. Makes zero sense for these preds to be in South America cuz they’re from different clans. There would be major civil war just for hunting in different regions that belong to certain clans…

These are the only things left that make the game sorta interesting BUT seriously put a little cinematic scenes or comic scenes like Swtor does…

Fire Team DLC:
Ft is the only decent DLC gameplay wise cuz of their passive perks. BUT again. It should release:
·1 new primary/special gun like sniper or assault
·1 new secondary special gun like shot gun or pistol
·New knife like Valkyries wrist blade or a Katana
·New passive perks
·New specialization
·1 new gear iteam

If u have to charge more for DLC to have content then DO IT! These DLC that are 4 bucks and such should be outfit cosmetic DLC like yall did in f13…


4vs4 all pred mode called


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Effort on DLCs that’s funny


Purge them with holy 🔥

What’s funny is that Cleo’s reskin of the Disk does affect the Smart-Disk. Cleo’s version gives it a 7 hit combo that is way easier to parry but fuck me it’s 7 hits.

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Easy to parry. How fun.
Is it the same animation? The attack combo

Eh, it’s still a different weapon when it comes to Melee. In this case, CH Combi-Stick should be given a combo too.


I made an edit to last comment lmk plz

Completely different attack string with different Parry timing.

Also the Ancient Disk has different Stealth Kill Aminations.

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You u mind showing me, when u have time. Also is there any new specialization?

Smart disc melee damage is ass though. It literally hits lighter than wrist blades

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Of course

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The idea is that it hits way faster, I have legit never been parried with Default Smart Disk in all of my time of using it.

Of course Cleo’s Smart Disk is more easily done but what weapon here has a 7 Hit Combo?

Cleo’s Specs are Enraged, Stalker, and Tactican.

Is it really worth it? Feel like it’ll just lead to second wind or death asap.

Keep cosmetics cosmetics

But everything else yes

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Unless you know how to play with Berserker or Viking don’t get Cleo.

Cleo is pretty much Berserker if Berserker wasn’t complete dogass. Well, Enraged Berserker was actually viable but an Enraged Cleo is better, not to mention a Tactican or Stalker Cleo.

I actually agree with this, or at least have Varients become different weapons.

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Can we get a prototype pulse rifle for FT?

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Her smart disc flys further too , right @BadBlood ?

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