Question for all pc players

Do you ever experience Collision issues, Bugs, people leaving your matches(whether that be rage quitting or just leaving before the match starts)? Because @MassImpact124 says you guys never experience any of this stuff

you make no sense.

What about this makes no sense? I said these are issues with the game. You said not on pc. This makes perfect sense. You are just upset cause you’re about to look stupid when everyone says “uh yeah this all happens on pc too”

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Speak english, your bullshit translator is shit. SHUT YOUR FACE!

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@Courier @OldKingHamlet imma just post everywhere humanly possible that you guys are fine with having someone on your platform who said “kill autistic babies” and all the other shit this goon has posted. I’m sure that’ll go ever real well. Glad you guys are fine with this kinda stuff lol


Mass, its your brain malfunctioning here.
It’s perfect English.

Am I that much of an asshole? I know i can be a bit much but damn. This guy just comes out the cut at me atleast once a month

Bugs? Oh yeah.
People leaving before match? Very rare.
Collision issue? IDK what that is…

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Ok but the autistic baby line was kinda funny tho.

I’m sorry but given the context I laughed.

Sorry, man .Not buying it. Im just fucking around cant yousee?

I got nothing better to do all day. So either join in on the bullshit or stfu!

The game engine does not discriminate between console and pc for this issue only hardware issues that are relevant to crashing are questionable in the occasion


Like you leap and just go nowhere lol

No, this one is on him lol

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Yeah I mean I’m all down for humor. But it wasn’t a joke. He was mad at me for (insert reason) and then said I was autistic and you should just kill autistic babies at birth. This was in the same day he Private messaged me IRL physical threats lol. Yet other people get banned for LITERAL jokes

Thank you lol my point exactly

Leaping and the Pred not even moving? Yeah. That’s a game physics glitch.

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Its just an angry day on Distrublamas end. He was asking for it.

But ya, mass idk wtf is wrong is with mass lol

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Actually…playing PC and console I’m noticing this more. PC connects to lobby faster and sometimes we’ll lose players the instant they load in. It’s …weird… I’ve experienced drop-outs on both platforms but more on PC side watching PS players drop-out. Meanwhile while playing with console players crossplay, I load in a good 30 seconds before they do

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Happens to me all the time