Reason why overgrowth (Map) is missing

Just wanted to make this to try and deter a million more posts freaking out about this in some way, because people dont check announcements.


Alien blood was showing up, lol.

This is an assumption that that was the reason, cause it’s still being found.

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That glitch is also present in the other maps but it’s harder to pull off

wait what. Link me.



Some one else will need to find the thread, got to get back to work.




Sigh… I really dont want aliens in this game. Jesus.

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It might not be as bad as everyone thinks it will be I’m Alien fan first Predator fan second so I might be little biased but it might what gives this game a boost we just gotta stay postive (but I really hope if they do this theu adress the other main issue with it as well or it will be buggier than the bug hunt map from AVP 2010.

It might just be a graphical glitch

Depends how they do it for sure. If its some sort of solo mode where you hunt an AI alien, then im all for it. (especially if theres trophies to be earned), but otherwise its just another thing thats gonna tilt the balance of this games multiplayer imo.

Im not completely against it, but man, Im nearly there.

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Its certainly possible. Probable in fact. But it seems illfonic is trying to cover it up, Thats no coincidence.

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Hopefully its NOT as terrible as the alien ai from colonial marines (which was fixed with one string of code) but we’ll see, I dont except Alien Isolation levels of ai but a good middle ground.

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Hahaha I remember that shit.

God that was hilarious.

Indeed part of me thinks they’ll go the playable alien route but if they do I hope to gods they dont make it buggy as hell.

Unlikely, especially if its not accompanied by bug fixes in the first place.

Either way adding xenos would be cool if done right and maybe we would get ranking system since killing a Xeno makes unblooded Yaujta blooded.


While I agree that Aliens being done right would be cool, I still disagree with their general inclusion. I wanted a Predator story that wasn’t a Comic Book to stand on it’s own two legs for once without the support of Alien. While the two are linked and all, Alien always manages to make stories that don’t rely on Predator, while the other useally has to. For as great as Concrete Jungle is, it does this as well.

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I think for most forms of media its become integral for Predator while I’ll I wish alien didnt have to be involved it seems univoidable now a days

Thats because AVP did such a good job at creating an explanation for how the two coexist that its pretty much canon nowadays.

Still, Predator can stand apart from Aliens imo. Companies just cant resist aliens for long enough to make it happen, thats all.

A reason I think Predator can’t get away from Aliens is because aside from humans what else have we seen them hunt (I’m speaking from someone who has only watched the movies and games)
Until we get a Predator movie without humans and Aliens we will never have a truly Predator only game experience

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