Region Lookup Failure! Verify Internet Connectivity!

It’s back… No one can log in at the moment. @Courier Relay it to the team as soon as you can!


Server reset maybe?

Desperately needs it after being on cruise control over the holidays.

The forum did the little flippy thing just now.

Maybe something is happening behind the scenes?

Would be 3 am in the morning their time right now tho…


I had the same about an hour ago. Put the game away as I had hit my daily (self imposed) minimum .

2 days after coming back into office too.

Come on illfonic…

I was about to jump on…

Servers offline?

Almost definitely

Now I can see
They are back


Thought I was the only one. The one time I even want to get back on and play the game as well haha.

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Maybe they traveled to a time, where this game actually worked.


M A R T Y!!

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Needs to turn into an illfonic Back to the future meme thread LMAO. Jk

lol Just a coincedance. I have faith in them :D

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For the lolz



Just an absolute joke this long after launch and still having the same/similar technical problems.
The remaining dlc should be made FREE!!!


I paid 80 dollars (canadian) and bought ever dlc up till this point 8 to 10 bucks. So I’m basically like 140 in the hole…

And I’d love to see this game go to free.

Use that money deluxe backers gave and provide them with dope content for years to come.

Not sure they are willing to comply tho. They doing their own thing. Or still somehow sliding a profit with the game at its current price.

Money talks and makes people do things.

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Same here I wouldn’t benefit from it just would love to see something given back as so many die hard fans have stuck with it. Bugs in the game is one thing every good game has had its glitches but not being able to access/play again, it’s just a joke

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Do you know your game is down @IllFonic ?

Sort of pissed off reading about this, thinking it may be some off connection instance.

Then upon logging in…

Game is STILL down (going on hours now)

If this is maintenence, would have been nice to be notified about it.

This is literally garbage the way the game is being handled.


The cleaning lady must have unplugged the server.