Release Jungle Hunter 87



It is a breach of EULA for sure

As of DMCA, I don’t know. I’m not adding content that is not in the game already nor granting free access to something that is available for sale.

Even then so I thought someone would find out since their are multiple ways to do through loadouts

And the hacking continues.


You can just RE the sav file through cantordust and ghidra and get anything and everything associated with manipulating loadouts. Then share the sav file

Not my method, but would be interesting if yours worked, you don’t even need file modification for a method that has unadjustable loadouts but if you want to pioneer that one that’s neat, what I’m trying to say is that their is one than more way to skin a cat

Also weird downplay it would be sloppy seconds if no credit given to original curator


Epic and steam sav files are not interchangeable. When the game was released on steam they were but as of now, they aren’t.

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Yeah I get it

Ya I understand

Well who’s original? You and Jelou both seem to have been working on these fronts

This is true, but you can RE the file for each version, then share from Epic to Epic and Steam to Steam

Jelou original for steam (Forced)
Me for epic would be bug

I want to track discovery and findings up to the point of the games existence, turns out some dude wiped his whole pc to try to make loadouts work patch 1.0, testing like this is what people like to do in their own unique way

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Well I give props to whoever shares it with the community so all the guys that have been crying for him can finally have him, but we all know Sam would cry his heart out and behind the scenes has been telling you not to tell anyone because he’s a nerd that thinks of his little pixel pred as a collectable action figure, and he wants it to stay exclusive. Don’t even deny it, he’s 100% that way 😂

He’s a trash pred anyway compared to the newer ones

Lines become blurred when we are working as a team and we are all finding the same shit through different methods and at a fast rate.

Beer has been for the most part the one pointing out where and how to look for shit.

Is not a matter of telling anyone. Is a matter that even if we do, less than a handful of people here would even be able to do it.

I would, if I could, release it as an update patch. But I haven’t go through more than a thought about that and would need to figure out how to even do it.

Not to mention I could not take credit for it as it would be illegal and could get me in trouble if it could be linked directly to me.

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Any of my early stuff was taken negatively and got random hate, it wasn’t until people saw that I also found things indiscriminately did people take like what I did, stuff I would also show my friends when I was working early early on was also used by some nonstop but I almost don’t care too much anymore but it hurt me very early on when I was testing because among stuff I would uncover people would use them, the biggest things right now exploit wise are enhanced fanatic and 300 gear and publicly known cheat engine but now starting to understand capabilities of engine with Jelous testing

I can say most of what I sent was outright fucking ignored by illfonic, the first thing I sent them with FULL PROCEDURE was how to break specializations, 20 bug reports later they fixed one thing which was broken city Hunter sound indicators

If there is anyone who got fucked the most when submitting bugs it’s me here

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Oh, I think they fixed this too forgot

But they had the video I sent and I’m pretty sure they fixed it when multiple other people started talking about it

They did not fix that xD

I was able to replicate it a few weeks ago.

Same with the fully invisible pred which the PSN discord is guarding.