Religion or at least mine

So I’m just making this not to convert but to explain why I believe in mine and it’s not because I was raised or told to but for scientific reasoning as well

I need proof that any religion is real!

Christianity has started more wara and killed more ppl than are alive on the earth today!

Catholicism has more child abuse cases against them than any other religion today!

Hinduism is just a way for the government to control there ppl!

Religion is just a way for ppl to deal with the short comings that effect all ppl

Actually political wars have, like Korea and Vietnam which bombs were drop more then in ww2, they killed more then all the centuries combined of death from religious wars by false historians claim lol also its not just priests but other Christian churches, doctors, fathers and dentists lol so that’s not valid 😂

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You left a few religions out , did you not? 😆

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You couldn’t be more wrong about Christianity starting the most wars. You might not know but the crusades were literally a response to Islamic oppression and growing territories in Europe.

It also doesn’t come remotely close to the child abuse of Islam or Judaism…

Fact of the matter is Christians are the only ones ever in the spotlight so you’re gonna hear more about what they did wrong instead of the other two factions. Much like how a black guy getting shot by white cops makes national headlines but a little white kid getting set on fire on his porch by black kids just isn’t what you’re gonna hear about.

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They don’t matter

I see their benefit , but also their issues .

That’s all religions, not just Hinduism.

Yes but that one is pretty extreme!

There is no proof. It’s a personal thing. But you can see peoole of faith doimg good things because of their faith. That should be real enough. Sine thing can be said if atheists. It’s up to you.

More proof we came from monke then proof of god

Plus God was a dick, go read some of the Bible.

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They why are monkeys still here 😑 also your the dick because Jesus is God and died so you can be saved

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This may be quite random but read this @ElderPreddy


Maybe God doesn’t force his ways onto people. They have to seek him out. Not necessarily Christianity tho. I know that’s not what the bible says, but i think the church would back this.

We need to be clear on the official position of hell. I thought that new testament abolished hell (Jesus dying for our sins)

Perhaps god is the judge, jury abd executioner but devil is the Corruptor of minds.

Public schooling has several times as many sexual abusers as the catholic church yet people still promote public schools. Last graph I saw was like 25000 cases of abuse from public schools per 200 something from priests.

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He allowed Lucifer to fall, if he’s all knowing then he would’ve known Abraham would’ve sacrificed his son

Maybe cause girls want to sleep with their professor to get an A

The free sex and sexual liberation movement was one of the greatest catastrophes to befall western civilization