Religion or at least mine

The greatest catastrophe for mankind in general was Karl Marx of course.

He had an idea. I think it was misused tho. It’s not like he preached the killing of millions of people.

The idea is not necessarily a bad one, but the execution was terrible

What are your thoughts about Oppenheimer and the rest of the scientists who made atomic bomb?

I mean Karl Marx thought that Slavic people were an abomination and should be wiped out or used as slaves, also thought very poorly of black people. Now tell me… who lead the bolshevik revolution that lead to the slaughter of 10s of millions of ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and the like? Who also owned the vast majority of the slave ships during the trans Atlantic slave trade?

I believe there is a god or multiple gods

I just don’t trust anything written by men

God died for mans sins so they don’t have to go to hell and he preached this to all nations so there is no excuse while the devil has been killing from the beginning says scripture by sending people to hell by their temptations WHICH IS YOUR CHOICE! GOD DOESNT SEND PEOPLE TO HELL YOURSELVES DO IT!

The devil basically wants to condemn all mankind to eternal torment out of daddy issues and not being his fathers favorite anymore.

So why do people want to worship him and think he’s cool? Honestly can’t figure it out

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Actually it makes sense, people who seem to worship lucifer clearly have daddy issues of their own, kindred “souls” as it were.

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Would you believe the author or the people testifying for him? The apostles were given authority by Jesus to establish his church to save souls like a doctor making a hospital for the sick and training more doctors help by reading his Manuel

I trust no man

The church was founded by God so it’s not men who lead it, but if they stray and portray themselves as holy men they are no longer his flock but heretics

Synagogue of Satan anyone?

My cousin was a satanist he says they give out free sex and drugs that’s why people join but they don’t know that demons infest their lives and kill all their love ones

Wasn’t the bible wrote and rewrote time and again by men?

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Their happiness is fleeting and is but them being slaves to their desires as their soul is consumed and leaves them an empty shell.

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I assume Communists. Still, Bolshevik revolution was a power struggle. Don’t think the hate for Slavic people factored in it. It was terrible what Stalin did, but I’m not sure it was communism ideology per say. He was a very cruel dictator who didn’t value human life.

Not communists… well yes for the bolsheviks, but not where I was going. The same people who killed Jesus after he rebuked them for breaking their covenant with God

Yes by heretical men who started their off branch church’s like Protestantism, Anglican, Morman and etc but the church have always use the Latin vulgate, well the true Catholics at least…

And Marx was one of them?

So the new testament?