Remove Smart Disc Trail

Anyone with a functional penis and/or vagina can hear every little move a predator makes, and every little thing he does makes noise.

You can hear the smart disc homing your asscrack a mile away. Just like everything else. At this point I’ll bet NASA has a whole catalog of predator farts and queefs resonating through the galaxy whenever they fly by.

Is it so bad to ask that fireteam should squint a bit to see it too? It’s a big circular object that gets stuck in walls, not exactly a where’s Waldo situation. People usually use the bright ass colors on them too so they’re definitely not invisible.

Like shit it’s a fuckin glowing blue flying object. Everyone knows to just turn out of its trajectory lmao why should they be able to spot it so easily?

It’s also the only piece of the Predators arsenal that can be destroyed… why? Who’s idea was this and if it’s not implemented on other weapons… why just the smart disc? Can you show us a picture of those responsible being hit with a salmon?

And another thing, where’s the fuckin shuriken? We all know it’s a smart disc reskin that’s already finished so just drop it.



Personally I don’t mind the trail nor do I mind the sound, what pisses me off is that it’s able to be destroyed. Why? This makes no sense at all, every other weapon can’t but this can like wtf?

The other thing is that you are completely visible using it. If you’re gonna make the damn thing so easy to see and hear make the pred completely invisible and silent or vice versa, there’s no reason why this weapon needs so much stacked against it. I get it’s a high risk, high reward kind of weapon but the risks and complications clearly out weigh the rewards.


Id pref it if there was a longer delay when launched fkr the trail to become active so atleast give a pred the chance to fly it without revealing himself

And to allow it to lauched from a secluded position


What pisses me off is the pred becomes visible when he throws it

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Not to mention it’s just a trash weapon. Hard to aim and incredibly easy to dodge even under the best conditions but the flight is often so laggy the screen jumps like crazy making it impossible to use. Not to mention it gets stuck on things that don’t exist or are not in its flight path. Combi throw is way better.


It’s not complete trash it’s actually pretty fun however it has to be in the right conditions. What’s annoying though is to make it fun everything has to go right such as being in a safe area because you’re visible, waiting for them to be unaware, making sure you’re not flying it at least 3ft from an object so it doesn’t get stuck in the air, making sure your ping isn’t higher than 20png, making your ADS speed the highest it can be so you can easily change direction because it doesn’t have its own setting but hey at least you can instadown any recon or scout without thick skin.

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Against real teams I personally don’t find much use for it. Too slow, too janky, too vulnerable 🤷‍♀️


You can still pull off some badass shit against them as most people don’t encounter it often, it’s especially useful against those parry “gods” who run at you with the knife in hand because you can toss it right before they get to you for insane damage.

Once I tossed it at this guy who loved to run at me with the knife however I missed the initial hit and he got to me and hit me out of the animation only for it to return and down him he was mad af.

Do you hear through your penis and/or vagina?

James Cameron wants to know more.


I don’t know why but this really tickled my funny bone

I prefer the pew pew 😎

Most ridiculous version of smart disc to date. Nevermind sprinting away whenever you hear the alien vaccum cleaner.

Who’s idea was it to make it a slow crappy piloted drone cam? How did they even get the impression it was a drone from the movies? Why is it destructible?


Shut up that’s why. Buff FT nerf pred

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Yeah I figured being a designated ‘smart’ weapon would mean I don’t have to manually control it lol

… do… do you not?

Idgaf if it is player controlled or guided but because it is player controlled they have to at least make the damn thing user friendly and make sure it works damn near perfectly.

Either the trail or the sound that the disc makes need to be removed.

Beyond their capabilities

Sound should definitely remain. No reason for a glowing trail. Gotta go.

If the Trail was slightly shortened or even if it was just the smart disc itself that glowed. The trail is also a dead giveaway if a Player is being smart and hidden while throwing it!

Now I cant just pick apart the entire quote for one part soooo!


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