Rendering Resolution

Windowed fullscreen is locked to whatever resolution your monitor is set in windows.

Fullscreen resolution is broken. Setting to 1080P or 720P has no effect. Game is still rendered at whatever resolution Windows is configured.

Configured at 4K your average Frame rate is around 15 fps, regardless if you set fullscreen resolution to 1080 or 720

Configured to 1080 your average Frame rate is around 50-60 regardless if you set your fullscreen resolution to 1080 or 720

Finally configured to 720 under windows, your framerate is around 110 fps, but it has constant visual glitches where the screen flashes.

If you need video proof I’ll be happy to record this behavior


I think this started at 1.06, or maybe 1.08. It has been this way for a while and fairly inconvenient for those of us with 4k displays.

Thanks for reporting!

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It has been like that since beta btw


This game isn’t worth setting it down to 1080p. It was made for PS4 Pro. Not regular…and 1080? If thats the best resolution you got going for your videocard its time to upgrade. That resolution was like 2005ish.

The PC settings don’t have great graphics tweaking but as long as post processing is kept LOW, and shadows kept MED, and textures kept LOW, antialiasing is a joke so keep it MED, Special Effects should be MED or HIGH. YOu should be good to go at 4K,
o h and NO SYNC framerates,

You do realise that if people try to run this game on 4k the game will actually be a slideshow? If ofc they dont run a 2080ti or a RTX TITAN… literally even this card runs the game barley on 60 fps at cinematic on 1080P… now picture that… optimizations is nowhere to be found for PC… and they keep maining PS4 optimizations…

betwen 30 and 60fps is neglregible.

Dude its not it really is not… So many more demanding games that look beautiful af run at 4k 60 fps on MAX settings without tweaks… like please tell me you realise this xD… like please dont defend them seriously…

um…60fps is like icing on a cake that is well at least it keeps things running without choppiness.

Dude… you are missing the point… predator should run above 60 fps on 4K… like around 100 fps on 4k… and on 1080p it should run it like 150 fps…

If we are talking about 1080tis, 2080ti’s and so on… I bet RTX TITAN will run 2-5 fps better than 2080ti… but that card costs 2000$ and it should give you actually 200 fps

Fair but in my opinion the game is not worth running with any settings lower than high. Except for AA, I agree. At most higher resolutions AA is not really needed. I also turn off motion blurr, but to each his own!

Also for clarification, I define, 4k as 3840x2560. 2560x1440 is HD but not 4k. It is more like 1.7k.

That is what both my screens are set to: 3840x2560@60hz. I can say that I can see and feel the difference between 30 and 60 when just on the windows desktop, and even much more so in games.

So again, to each his own!

My 4k is 4090x2160…my gameplay FPS is still solid. Also keep in mind that you’ll need a decend CPU like Intel i5 7500 forgot to mention that. IMHO a good CPU helps tremendously.

I run i7-8700k, but I don’t think that performance specifically was the purpose of the OP.

More so that the resolution is locked to desktop, so if you do not have hardware able to run the game at that resolution it is inconvenient.

I.e. he is unable to get to a reasonable resolution for his set up due to the locking.

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I run 9900k… i see no actual fps difference… still runs like sht and drops to 50s on all medium at 1080p

He is explaining that certain Displaymode settings give different effects.
He is just explaining that only one of them locks your screen to whatever size its max is. Changing it to the other one resolves the problem. You can configure it anyway you like. Ive tried. Looks like dirt at any other resolution other than the max IMHO, but the fps is georgeous at lowered settings.

CPU is good for calculating stuff…your issue sounds like it is probably onboard Vram.

No shit xD… i run 1070 which so far ran all games on above 100 fps on max… even those un optimized games or early access i run max 1080p at 88-107 fps…

And in this game this is just a disaster for mid to high end cards

Ma’ man Coffee2Go here explained what the problem is. Kiddo, if you do not know anything about PC gaming, just don’t say anything to avoid looking like an idiot.

The whole purpose of reporting this bug is precisely that. The game is not optimized. Is unplayable on 4K. And barely on 1080P

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Thank you! someone fucking gets it… no offense @MassImpact124 i have nth againts you lmfao… but trying to make you see that most hardware hell even 1050ti can run doom eternal on max above 60 fps… xD…

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btw I have a 1070 Ti on one PC and a 1660 Super on the other. Not top notch, but all my AAA games run buttery smooth. No, is not time to upgrade. There is a bug in the graphics rendering of this game. Hardware upgrade is not the solution. Optimization is. And the fact that the in-game resolution is not working clearly points that out.

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and RTX TITAN that runs actually 150+ fps on 4k… on most games… dude… i want someone to make benchmark and to see… literally it would barley be getting above 60 fps on cinematic

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