REQUEST: Please FIX the City Hunter Mask!

Above all, please fix the City Hunter’s mask.

I believe with the mask being the most important and iconic feature of the Predator 2 City Hunter (other than the face itself which stays mostly hidden in-game), this was the one thing to get right above all. Unfortunately, like Concrete Jungle, it’s a big miss in today’s Predator Hunting Grounds DLC.

There’s multiple issues to resolve, but I believe the lower half of the mask being too large is probably the most glaring issue. Frustrating…


You get this fixed, you’ll have very happy Predator 2 fans!


I still like it :З

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I didnt even notice this tbh. But I see what you mean. I dont imagine it would be too hard as really you just need to thin the center arch, and smooth everything else back out to compensate.

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Looks can be deceiving, but it would seem like an easy fix indeed.

Ok, so if we made a list it would be:
-Green eyes
-Wider head/helmet
-Smaller “mouth piece”
-Proper copper color
-Base of the mask extended to cover his mandibules
-Fix his roar

Anything else? I feel like his visor should be slightly modified, but I dunno.


I totally understand, this mask is not movie accurate, but I think its a compromise they’ve made - it needs to fit all other predators in game

@Courier can you comment on this please? More and more ppl are upset with how inaccurate his iconic mask is?

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I honestly can’t think of anything more that doesn’t exceed into nitpicky. Great list 👍


Why green?

Me, I’m not “upset”, but I would like if they gave some small fixes to make it more movie accurated, something like how they did to JH. But I would undestand if it is a decision made duo to models and such.

CH eyes are green

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City Hunter’s eyes were purple on the outside, yellow inside, pupils were black and red – basically the whole fu**** rainbow but no green :

Only time I’ve seen it green was when Hot Toys fucked a lot up with it’s City Hunter v 2.0 head sculpt


Technically I believe the Ch’s eyes are yellow, but the way some perceive color, they see it as green. It’s actually pretty interesting.

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And that’s one of the many reasons why I have a V1 Hot Toys head on the V2 body!

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I know right?! I would love that but can’t get my hands on v1 head. I would also love DT custom helmet

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Weird, CH is often presented having green eyes, not only by HT.

I had to buy a v1 then sell the headless body! 😁 But, yeah, it’s too bad so many errors were made with the v2 head.

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Give his hair a polish hes clearly using L’Oreal in predator 2 because hes worth it.

Serious though make his hair shinier.

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Another thing is the colour on the armor is just the one brown all over. There are no nice dark and light areas like in pred 2

Speaking of “hair”, is his dreads “jewelry” correct? Some of them seems to have some “rings” attached to it, while the in-game model doesn’t.