Rework the War Club

The War Club is (very likely) widely considered to be one of the least useful weapons for Predators in the game.
I have an idea to improve upon it.
If I am not mistaken the War Club has no secondary attack- this leaves the option open to add something to it. My suggestion is to make the War Club a Predator spin on the historical hand cannon such as what was shown in Deadliest Warrior used by Vlad the Impaler.
The hand cannon function would do some damage, not much- the main point would be to give it a flashbang effect on hit with accompanied vision blur like being hit by the club. Change the wrist blade “spike” out on it which is just an old art asset recycle anyways, and add an actual spike which can be used as a grip for aiming, moving it a bit lower on the club like on a hand cannon. Also make the club longer giving it more reach on swings, more like a spiked kanabo than the stubby club currently in the game. When firing the fire speed and blast AOE should be similar to the Rocket Launcher that was added recently, but with an overheat recharge instead of ammo.
The point of this is to not only add some flavor to the War Club but make it possible to more readily attack a Fireteam target that you catch out of place and away from their squad by disabling their vision temporarily, giving you an opportunity to get in that full combo with the War Club.




This is an interesting idea
But we would still need the melee tracking to be fixed first


True, but a separate issue altogether. Appreciate the feedback

Can’t put the horse before the carriage

The war club definitely needs some changes. I’ve used and found uses for all of the predator weapons except for the war club.

It would be cool if the war club had a heavy attack or if there was an option to throw the war club.

This would go perfectly with my Oni build😱😱😱

while a good idea i think that this is simply too much work for the dev team to do in a reasonable amount of time when they could do this in probably a month

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I think they could do it without too much trouble tbh. There may be things that illfonic has issues with in development, creating and implementing new models for weapons and characters isn’t one of them. That’s the one thing we consistently get more of with each dlc.

Tbh the war club wouldn’t be all too bad if they would just make the final hit be it’s heavy attack like the axe has and switch the regular light attack combo up a little. As it stands with berserker the full 3 hit combo can down just about down anyone but a support with thick skin.