Rockx8390 vs Outlaw Matches

All on the title

Ws6_Bandido :)


What ?

@Rockx8390 You asked, i answered


LS1 Outlaw

a ps pred player who likes his ps potatoes

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He was playing as FT with Fanatic Assault Bolt Rifle and drained my life bar in 4 shots.
This weapon is completely cracked. It’s not the first I’ve seen played this way.
He did everything to kill me but couldn’t.
He can say thank you to the bots.
I was playing City Hunter with à wrong build…

Sniper guy, Sawz can take all like 5-6 shots to 2nd wind. Always been like that.

More of a problem when you have like 3 guys hitting shots with that.

He is someone who still plays this game evidently.


Yea he’s a beast with sniper. Staying alive without hiding on the other side of the map and not interacting is an accomplishment for most.

I have a high fever, and the thought about this BS made me vomit 🤮🤮🤮




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it’s Bandido’s brother

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I even killed him once but he took advantage of a bot to reappear.
The game ended with a win for me.
But personally, either the weapon is too strong or the assault is too strong.

Did time ran out ?

Decided to just chase you around.
I could have escaped if I wanted.
You spent 15 minutes running and healing.


Bandido’s Little Brother. I heard if you make race car noises and say “honk” “honk” “beep-beep” “vroom vroom”
He’ll break radio silence and make turbo charged engine noises.


I grant you the fact that you have a good shot and I quickly understood that your goal was to kill me. However here I didn’t have the right build on my City Hunter. Without the right assets, at night and with the damage you put on me, inevitably I had to heal myself by moving away. Despite everything, you didn’t get me and you died once. Without the bot, it was over for you.
Why didn’t you escape if you could?
Trying to want to kill me is not a good plan… Very often, you die. We will meet again.


😂 would you like to test this out in a private?