Savage Berserker Discussion/Step by Step Guide to Being a Clown


This is true, and all 3 of those are what determine the outcome of the game collectively. I can say from experience, having one extremely good FT member while the rest are decent is still not enough to beat a pred that has an idea what is going on and can adapt to the FT’s playstyle. Like Jelou said, teamwork is what really does it for a fireteam. If you’re going against the sweatiest premade in the world and they’re all split up, all you gotta do is pick them off one by one and it’s an easy W. 1 star player can’t carry the game.

technically they can, but I get what you are saying.

In a 1v1 scenario, any decent pred will win against even the best FT, but if that one great FT have 3 competent players to help him, even if they aren’t that good, then preds are gonna have a really hard time and you really have to be good to beat them.

You’re wrong.
The goal is to kill as quickly as possible.

That’s kinda the point of pvp.
I dont like short matches, theres a few others who are like that too, in many different games.

In this case tho.
If an ft gets wiped right away, they deserve it.
Especially with how ft favored things are.

Eventually you get bored of killing ppl right away.
Eventually you get bored letting them reinforce and just fucking with them.

Eventually this game becomes boring as shit because we dont have 2v8.

This games fuckkng boring yo.
It’s only like 1% of matches that are fun.

I used to have fun in this game.
But eh, it’s not fun anymore.

Like you have to try to find your own fun now a days.
But that right there shows the game itself isn’t fun anymore.
You’re just finding ways to have fun.
And you can do that in way better games with smoother polished gameplay and way less or no bugs at all.


You’re certainly right about that, assistance from 3 others that have an idea of what’s going on, makes it more difficult to play against as the pred. Also, what you said was the pred has to make smart use of weapons and gear which I think is the determining factor between an average pred and an above average pred who is able to take on a FT like that. Obviously, more practice and experience against teams that have coordination and aiming ability will evolve your pred game and how you approach different scenarios.

Eh, I wouldn’t say I’m wrong or you’re wrong. It’s given different people will have various perceptions on how fast the games should last. I’m basically comparing how long you’re playing to how long you’re waiting to play, and from my eyes, it’s stupidity to get a game over extremely quick, then wait 5-10 mins, rinse and repeat, don’t you think? I do have to agree with you only a few of many games are fun, especially the dreaded sweat fest ones. Instead of addressing this, lets add some more DLC’s to the game tho! @IllFonic


I’ve seen to many Zerkers spamming combi like there’s no tomorrow and getting melted in seconds.


I meant in the sense of pvp.
In pvp the whole point is purely to win, without giving your opponent a chance.

Which basically means quickly too.

Typically this is boring as shit.

As for this game tho.
Fuck ft. They should be killed as quickly as possible, no mercy.
All ft players are scum. Lol

I usually try to make matches last long, no matter what game I’m playing.
Even in this one.

But it’s boring now.
Wipe them fast or keep the match going.
The combat just isnt good enough to be fun on both factions.

Plus take in all the bugs and the other issues, and that kills even more of the fun.

As for this game, if they can fix all the bugs, and add In the 2v8 mode, that’s literally the only thing that will make this fun again.

But I don’t ever see us getting it.

Comecei a jogar esse jogo faz 2 meses ate hj tudo que melhoraram foi em torno d predator ai agora melhoram ainda mais o corpo a corpo do predator so arma apelona que tipo d soldado sao esses inclusive os pagos perdem pruma mera classe de ataque nova arma do predator tira 150 de life num golpe ai voce chama o radio o time ja nasce prezo em armadilha qual a logica dessas armadilhas que imobilizam o soldado ??? ridiculo isso pelo tanto de arma apelona que o predator usa no minimo a equipe tinha que ter algo pra se defender numa forma mais justa o dutch perde prum soldado raso por que nao tem kit medico ee essas seringas qual a logica delas curar progressivamente? Voces acham que da tempo de curar algo na luta corporal maiorias dos jogadores morrem com as 2 sempre voces tem que rever essas ideias suas se nao o jogo so vai ter predator a gameplay e toda do predator injusto demais esperar 5 mim e n ter como resistir a tanra arma apelacao martelo q tira 140 ? Voces criaram um jogo sem contar os mais de 100 bugs que eu encontrei vou comecar a numerar 1 por 1 e vou dar nome nos bug de voces to parando de jogar assim como mais de 20 amigos que estao migrando pra jogo mais co dizente com a realidade

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Same type of people to rage quit 🤣

I see what you mean. Especially the cloak bug, that shit is game breaking when the most vital part of the predator doesn’t work. Hopefully they add in some different game modes soon instead of making new missions that have you virtually doing the same thing but on a different part of the map lmao.

Lo siento, mi español es malo, tienes algunos puntos buenos. Realmente no lo he pensado, pero realmente solo se centran en el aspecto depredador para mejorar. Los errores en este juego son asscheeks.

Crazy right?
How such a huge bug is still around after weeks?



Btw that’s Brazilian not Spanish.

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Gotta love it.

Yikes, only took Spanish for a few years and to me it looks the same xD Thanks.

It’s more annoying if you understand Spanish.
Literally its like

The other day 私は車の中にいました and then ゴジラが現れた.


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Real shit 🤣

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Caught the Gojira katakana. Noice.

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Playing against a 4-man premade sweat fest and surviving, I’d call that a W in my book.