Scar mask found-with others


Nice, were these just recently added. Also, can you leak more stuff here please?

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That’s cool and all, but I think people really want bug fixes, sawz50 and high fire rate pistols Nerf, field medic Nerf, the enemy AI to behave more naturally, greater distinctions between the predator classes, and of course more game modes.


In a nut shell yes… so sick of getting shitty cosmetics for updates.


Leak more stuff man, you are helping me

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Fuck this update. Horrible.



yeah they gave us a bunch of crap, and not even a single weapon. I have often defended Illfonic but the only good thing in this update, is the bots implement. Yeah that’s cool, yeah we will no longer have empty games, but I just wanted at least a fcking new weapon.

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You don’t like the extremely advanced bots and unfinished cleo animations?

jeez if they shit out the most broken half finished mode I would still take it over the endless stat stick dlc path we’re on rn.
I don’t care if its a cobbled together TDM with preds in it at this point.

If we got three preds in a mode and we’re all sliding around t-posing that’d be cool by now.
Anything but what we’ve been getting.

You must be fucking joking.

Holy dang

They’re terrible but they’re still the best part of the update. They just happen to be the least sucky thing out of it.


The tapes man. Listen to the tapes. I know that doesnt ammount to much but at least we got 4 of them.

The new sniper rifle aint too bad either. Nothing has changed.

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Oot. Sound click noice

Yeah I don’t count the tapes as real content. They’re just there to listen to once and then they’re forgotten about. They have no impact on gameplay so I don’t count it

Sniper rifle ain’t new that shit came out 2 months ago

I like them, the second mask kinda looks like an alien head

Hahah…“Sempi”. Now you know Illfonic is just a bunch of sarcastic fucks.

I have a thing for the Detox mask though. Thing looks horrific, and I love it. Gonna be be hunting people on the mic like “I’m coming to give you the big SUCC”

Sempi was made in 5 minutes.literally.

they got aimbot. 70% better than the whole playerbase

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Stop adding movie Pred stuff

They are dead and their stuff is long gone

Exception being the lost tribe