Scout Preds (post some vids)

Anybody still use and successful with the scout pred now a days against decent fireteams? I’ve seen maybe one or two decent scout preds since December started but they’re so few and far between. Anybody got good videos of scouts recently just wrecking the FT?

I’ve seen a lot of the beefier classes, Samurai and Berzerker. The few times I do see a scout they just can’t play effectively. What happened to the poor scout? I used to dread coming up against them because they were everywhere at once and just pummeled you from every direction.


Hunter/CHunter and Valkyrie. These 3 are viable predators. Others are just bad or worse.


That’s a matter of preference and playstyle I think. They can all still be used effectively in quick play queue.

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I’m not speaking about quickplay matches.

And I am speaking in general overall gameplay to include quick play.

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Well, in quickplay you can use scout with battle axe, without perks and still win.

Right…so I’m glad you caught the point of the post.

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You can still catch decent non premades in quick play that will give you a run. I suspect you and I have different perspectives as I’ll encounter more experienced console players than you who’ve turned cross play off (for clarity, the console players turned crossplay off, not you), and your standards are based more on your PC matches arranged through discord with players of high skill range.

In a sense I’m willing to bet you and I almost play two different games.

Decent does not translate into premade or even highly skilled FT players. You can for sure beat decent teams with the scout. hell, even with the zerker. Will it be harder then with a hunter/Valkyrie? Yes, sure.

I find decent predators all the time but a predator of proxy level was such a level above it its was unreal. Can’t remember who that guy was but a guy on my team, Macelaru if I remember right said that said predator was on Shifo or Proxy level (I don’t remember for sure this part as well). We where 4 random PC players, lost but it was damn fun!

So decent preds/FT are not to be confused with highly skilled players like arrow, Proxy etc. I know someone made a topic with rankings, yeah, those people up at the top are to be ignored :)

Someone needs to make a classification system so when you say when you say the word decent you don’t make heads turn

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Scout is best predator

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Finding if scout played the way I feel a scout should, FT players would be sling all sorts of salt your way.

Ton of long range with a dusting of melee. Always on the move.

Still a wet paper bag though :(

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We could always go with the classic letter grade or metal qualities when we’re talking about players

S(diamond): literally the best players in game they play optimally and make about a single mistake per game
A(plat) good players not the best but still hard to beat they know the ins and outs of the game they just lack consistency
B(gold) better than average players skill lacks in some places they have the knowledge just can’t apply all the skill yet
C(silver) average players in every way they know basic stuff and are ok at the game still could improve
D(bronze) worse than average they could win a game if the enemy is just as bad
F(Tin) literally the worst players you can imagine

For future reference if anyone is talking about players and their relative skill level about this and tell them to clarify which catagory they are talking about

And I’m assuming he is talking about B or C

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I consider decent to mean good. Like not quite great, but worth some respect

Or…this works.

Scout has his advantages but those who like will use CH or JH or Alpha for the fun of it. Scout is recklous with no stamina loss for his jumping so, maybe its a good starter class to get used to winning and having fun in order to do the acheivements. I remember that was my go to. But now, i end up not really using scout, berzerker at all.

When you want to master you bow, you tend to go to those ive mentioned.

Letters are cool, assigning materials seems weird due to this being player rating players and not a bunch of Koreans playing SC2 climbing the ladder with 700 APM

you mean a bunch of …african americans.

Boy I’d love to tell ya what works and doesn’t of I could get some matches vs good teams lmao.