Second bio mask in gear slot

Like the title says, i’d like Illfonic to add a bio mask as an option to the gear list for the Predator in case the one you wear gets destroyed and the Fireteam just hides at the end. 5 gear points?
Currently 2 shots to the face with a SAWS and your mask is destroyed, unless you got the protection perk.

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This is a subject I was not expecting so give my a couple minutes and I will give you my personal opinion

You know, not gonna lie, I can definitely see something like a Secondary Bio-Mask be something like 5 or even 6 points, there would be an incentive for Zerkers or Elders to use the points elsewhere if they aren’t enthusiastic about Bear Traps.

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My suggestion is to have it like The Predator where we explain it as cybernetics and have no mask but are still able to activate thermal. Benefit would be no eyes lighting up or that sound but it would cost 5 or 6 points and any damage reduction is lost.

No he should collect it on the map but maybe they should add a new temporary mask, that has different visions and when the timers done it’s just a regular mask again


the predator that lost his mask has no honor anymore, so he must prove himself by making sacrificial ritual making new mask out of boar skull and ft members tailbone


And how exactly would that masl look like?

I’m not even sure how to comment on this…

Basically, we all know that Predators have a ship nearby their Hunting Grounds. You should be able to go to a location on the map and access a weapon locker like FT has the ability, restock traps and gear, heal, and re-equip/repair masks that are damaged. That wouldn’t be hard to make happen…but you know FT mains would lose their shit🤣


No it should be a Predator drone that delivers it or your Predator Dog 😂 image

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I’m not down for a full bio-mask replacement.

But I’d love an idle animation where a predator that’s lost their mask pulls out a rebreather ALA Predator 2.


Make it cost 10, but if you end up using it, preddy gets a 20% health buff and 20% attack buff.
Would make for some interesting gameplay as Pred tries to get his mask shot off 🤣

Alternatively: include the og red/orange/black vision from the first movie.

So pred still has access to’not thermal’ but not target marking/reticle

It’s a tool that should be respected and treated like a personal entitlement when a young blood is ranked into the clan. I can never recall a predator pulling out a second mask when it gets destroyed (even if it ever did in lore) because it’s so important to the Predator and probably the most advanced tech a predator can have on his person at any time. Think of it like the hidden Blade in Assassin’s Creed, it was an honor for the new assassin and even as important enough for them to ritualy sacrifice their finger to use it. But if your blade broke than that would be a dishonour to your Creed and would say something about yourself as an assassin who can’t keep care of your weapons and tools. I think the same goes for the Yautja and their masks. Not to mention it’s meant to keep the Predator breathing in another atmosphere different from their own. It should be important enough to them to keep it well maintained and not to get it destroyed because it’s the most useful tool they have.
Now I would be fine with an option to use scattered pred tech or even a tool kit to repair said mask in-game because that would be a way more authentic approach in my opinion.
Edit: but once the mask is destroyed it should no longer be usable for the rest of the game like it is now

Allow the pred to simply pick his mask up like the disc or spear. Then give him the option to go and repair it.