Sex affect gym performance

Is getting laid 4/5 times a week good for gains?

In my younger years I looked at sex as great cardio.

I believe if I eat enough healthy foods I can replenish energy and testosterone rather quickly and get a good workout still.

Thing is the body seems to produce only so much at once/per week.

Kinda confusing

Asking for a close friend

Sex does not reduce testosterones. It’s not big deal at all.

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@Samhain13 as the resident sexual tyrannosaurus that hits the gym all week, what say you?

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Its won’t affect anything, for better or worse

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I’m going close to 50 sam looks in his 20s

I feel great I completely left out the fact I had to cut carbs. That explains it for me. Thanks for trying to help ya boy out tho.

Curious what splits you’re doing?

Upper lower? Ppl?


If you are low on carbs you will probably lose some performance if keeping that for a long time

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The creed: Jerome what is best in life?

May I ask you? How to grow pecks (chest muscles), I can grow literally everything except chest, how to do a proper pump in order to not get shrinked next morning like some anorexic? I never knew how to grow proper chest, but my biceps are perfect. I constantly get my chest shrink back every 3 days and I cannot maintain them…

Pump is not really an indicator of hypertrophy.
Best for chest is to add morw weight on flat/incline barbell bench press and dips. I did better by just doing those 2-3x week. And eat more.

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Eating is not my problem, but I only do pushups, maybe that is the problem, since my arms are like Poopeye, my strength is brutal, but my esthetics are bad, my arms are gargantuan, but my chest are tiny. So it looks little cringy. Maybe I am not doing isolated workouts I guess? I am working too much muscle groups at once perhaps? Since I do 200 pushups per every day with no pauses at all and no warming out at all?? I want hypertrophy and I cannot have it. My core is insanely powerful, but I just cannot GROW, I wanna grow and look big. That is my biggest issue.

pushups have the problem on progress, that many reps is cardio, you need to add weight, get a weighted backpack maybe, ask a tinder hoe to climb on your back while doing pushups, then 2 tinder hoes…

isolated work is overrated, full body is underrated

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So less reps and more weight correct? Or is it even better to rather do bench with barbell? Because I also feel too much cardio correct?

yea, bench is better but if you cant…

Sadly I only got dumbells, but not barbell. I know that barbell has far better range of motion. Will dumbells work too?


Sam is giving you some amazing free game here broski.

Something else…

Consider progressive overload.

As well as VOLUME per week. Like how many sets did you give your chest per week. (Upper/mid/lower chest)

The idea is you want to add enough weight (70-80% your max lifting weight). Make your body think you’re trying to kill it. Forcing it to grow muscle.

It’s like “woah what was that did we just fight a bear?” “We almost died…let me grow muscle…make us stronger to survive”.

And genetics. Steroids may be an option but I would consult a doc. Some people get on the juice and look like incredible Wulk. Gross 🤮

Be safe and smart don’t herniate multiple disc like me.

Lastly good mother fukn morning for spreading democracy

After fake weights exposed, I no longer watch Athlean-X since he is scammer, I watch other youtubers. As for ‘‘democracy’’ I have no idea what you are on about.