Single player, able to unlock jungle hunter, new yautjas, boosters etc

These are the things i like to see added in the future

i think the npcs should be more alerted when you use the noise maker, able to make noise indicators, get bear trapped and is able to show heat signatures behind walls or buildings this would help a lot for new players to honed their predator skills and able the make the difficulty harder adding more npcs to the camps/outposts the xp is increased by 10
(example 45 to 55) and adding extra time for every objective step done by the fireteam

you should add a story mode for dutch on how he became a predator hunter but there are two sides to pick playing as the predator you get to kill dutch playing as dutch or your favorite fire team member i love the lore for dutch and i think it can be use as a story mode

And also can you have the predator to be able to collect veritanium its hard to obtain xp while being the predator in private match cause you get so much xp as fire team and there are areas that veritanium is hard to get and can you add a third weapon loadout for the city hunter cause he had a net gun, combi spear and smart disk in the movie

2 predator character dlc suggestions and a suggestion for people who didn’t get a chance to pre order to get the jungle hunter predator '87

The predators from the movie predators their skin color is in the default skin section (grave)
New helmets, new gadgets to use and if possible to implement the predhounds

And the ultimate predator from the predator

Can it be possible to have the jungle predator be unlocked only by opening lockers but the chances is slim cause the helmet is locked and it should be unlocked once that predator is unlocked via field lockers

an option to use the veritanium for xp, veritanium and gun lvl boosters

Matchmaking time for the predator takes too long
Playing as fireteam your able to get a match less than 49 seconds for the predator it takes 6 minutes or more to be in a match
Can’t there be a mode for online match where you don’t need to wait for god knows what time to play as the predator and set up the match yourself and set it for public or private


We’re probably never gonna get JH87. Better luck in the next life pal.😅

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You don’t know that

I do. They already had a post saying that he wouldn’t ever get released as he was preorder exclusive

We all know it


JH is exclusive



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I like all the ideas except JH, I’m sorry but they made it clear it ain’t happening

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Holy shit stop asking for 87, IT IS ANNOYING!

All you people
A lot of people missed that opportunity to pre order
Let people give their opinions and suggestions

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If you don’t like it why reply about it move on

It’s just seen so often it’s kind of a meme around here. Not helped the forum got spammed with JH threads recently.

Cause people want that predator so badly
having it as a field locker unlockable will allow them to attempt at unlocking him
he’s still gonna be a mythical cause of the exclusive part thats why he’s gonna be hard to get


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Do you know what it says under JH it says exclusive that means you ain’t gonna get him unless you pre-ordered

Did you know people has their own opinions, suggestions and ideas if not go somewhere else instead of being a f***ing ***hole

Almost everyone knows JH isn’t coming out other than the French guy, wanna know my everyone knows? because the devs said JH is staying exclusive

I’m fine with your other suggestions

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You missed out get over it

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And i am saying a suggestion for him dumb***