Single player story for Predator and Fireteam

It is time to consider that dropping player numbers indicates that this game is on it’s way out. The only way to bring in new players or bring back old players would be to offer single player Predator stories or single/multi player fireteam stories. You guys need to realize that all games eventually lose their player base. When this happens it is up to the developers to spice up the game and give some very much needed content. People have been asking for a single player campaign from the onset of this game. It is time to give all your devoted Predator fans what they are looking for. Stop catering to only the multi-player fan base and start to concentrate on who it going to be your long term player base. That is your solo players who will replay the hell out of a single player campaign with continuous DLC to keep them interested. Time to wake up illfonic and make this a epic Predator game…


Hop into a private game set AI hp to 100000% congratz theres your singleplayer mode

idk why people think illfonic is capable of making some full fledged campaign lmao

what got leaked is just FT missions but with pred, standing there defending a laptop from waves of the same braindead AI lel


really all they would need to do is rip off For Honor
Weekly single player, or co-op, missions that offers you cool rewards for doing them, and side missions you can do in the mean time for less rewards.

Fuck single player mode


Something needs to be done to save this game. The DLC they are offering is not bringing in new players or even bringing back the old player base. Something drastic has to be done and fast.

singleplayer + multiplayer games are largely being phased out because resources are either put towards one or the other.
Especially $40 titles.

time to wake up OP. you’re not getting epik concrete jungle 2

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no ones going to flood to the game to kill braindead bots in the same missions over and over

if anything it does the opposite and encourages playing offline.

That is fine and when this game’s servers shut down I will still be here to say “I TOLD YOU SO”

For this game absolutely

When the servers shut down just remember you said fuck single player and enjoy the dust your copy of the game builds up.

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dumb argument yeah eventually epic games store is going to shut down too why own anything

sony almost cut off ps3s networking entirely two months ago then decided it was too early, why do you own a ps4

I’m talking about this game, yes.

What makes you think they have time for any of this? They’re not adding single player, ever, this game has one single player mode and it’s the tutorial. If you want to hop around and kill retarded AI, that’s what private is for. The amount of people thinking illfonic can just develop new elements on the fly is hilarious… this product is in its endgame phase and after this year there’s not gonna be any more content updates.

The only suggestions they ever take is bug fixes, nerfs and buffs. Stop asking for single player ffs


Imagine crying for single player in a game built and based around 4v1 asymm pvp. Absolute brainlets


I love how there are always the die hard multi players who defend only multi-player games till the cows come home. It is fine if you guys don’t agree, that is your right but to attack those who have a different view when it comes to attempt in saving a game that is clearly loosing it’s player base is just uncalled for and really childish.

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Keyboard warriors the entire lot of you.

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FR you dont see people going to alien isolations forums and demanding multiplayer

why do people go to $40 pvp titles and ask that a bunch of resources go to pve modes

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Says the retard hiding behind his keyboard crying for single player because he gets his ass stomped in PvP

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I just had an AI stand over me making orgasm sounds while I was eating a pig…

Please no single player


I think its more that the rest of us understand this is just a video game and not really something worth caring about, especially when none of us work for illfonic. If they fail to keep this game alive, it’s on them.

Stop pretending you have any pull as a player. You dont. Go out, make money, buy shares in sony, then you can talk to them directly and literally tell them what to do. Welcome to the industry.