Skin predator 87 locked in Digital Edition Deluxe???


I paid this game (ps4 digital edition Deluxe, 60 euros…) specialy for the skin of predator 1987 but it’s locked. Please can you give us the code ?

I’m really a fan of predator movies, it’s very important for me to play with this skin.

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If it wasnt an pre order your shit out of luck it has to have been an pre order lol

But for an edition deluxe at 60 euros… I would like a commercial gesture or at least a DLC… I wait your reply.

Thanks you.

At the moment all you get is what you got from that 2 day weekend trial we had before release date with just 3 jungle maps lol only difference is you can upgrade your characters to lvl 100 for better guns and outfit thats all mate. This game still feels like a demo.

It was a preorder bonus, if you didn’t preorder then you’re out of luck. :(

The mask is unlockable though apparently!

the deluxe edition really wasn’t worth it unless you absolutely loved the skins.

Yeah… It shouldnt have been its own class, but rather an armor for the hunter

It was an Exclusive Pre-order bonus only. It wouldn’t be right to claim it was exclusive nor legal if they gave it to non-pre-orders.

Additionally, the digital-deluxe edition has nothing to do with pre-order bonuses, players whom ordered regular edition also received it.

Your digital-deluxe edition includes other exclusive content:
• 48 hours Double XP
• 5 Field Lockers
• PlayStation themed Fireteam Camo and Weapons Skin (exclusive)
• PlayStation themed Predator and Armor Skin (exclusive)
• PlayStation themed Predator Mask War Paint
• Early Access to Battle Hardened Assault Character
• Early Access to Predator Eclipse Mask
• Predator: Hunters digital comic by Dark Horse.
Follow a group of human survivors who have decided to turn the tables on the Predators. This 120-page collection includes Predator: Hunters issues 1-5.
• PS4 Dynamic Theme
• Digital Mini Art Book

The most important items from digital deluxe edition are the Predator Armors for PlayStation/Epic Games and the glorious x2 XP advantage.

I hope that it will possible later to obtain the skin of 1987 predator with a DLC.
The only bonus in the edition deluxe which have interessing is the 48 hours Double XP.
The bonus of skin below is not interessing :

  • PlayStation themed Predator and Armor Skin (exclusive)
  • PlayStation themed Predator Mask War Paint

This happened with me, quit the game and open it again. The patch 1.06 destroyed alot of stuff just like fixing alot…

it’s not a bug… i don’t can to obtain the predator 87 skin with the edition deluxe…
I would like really to obtain this skin with maybe a DLC…

What happened to me is a bug indeed. But now all fixed.

do you talk about what?

I preordered the digutal deluxe edition and got everything. And when i downloaded the patch 1.06 there was a bug that locked all of my items… but they fixed it… everytime i play the game it says locked and then it unlocks by itself after leaving and joining the game again!!

ok but i not preordered the digital deluxe edition…

If you did not preorder you will not get the skin.

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it’s why i hope that later we would like to get this skin in DLC… why not?

because i missed the release of this game.
if i would have known, ofcourse I wouod have preordered this games…

That’s generally a situation where it’s the consumer’s fault for not keeping up. There are release schedules, social media pages, newsletters, etc. that will keep you informed. If you’re interested in a future release keep tabs on it so you don’t miss cool goodies or perks.

In the actuality context, it can happen not to follow…
And I hoped that for 60 euros there would have a lot content…