Sniper Hunting Grounds Part 2

PS4 Version
hope you enjoy it ;) ✌️

Insaaane 🔥🔥🔥
Love those shots man
One of the best sniper players on PS4

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I quick read it as “spider hunting grounds” and I was waiting to be horrified.

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Do not be surprised if people called you hacker LOL
and no aimbot/aim assist ofcourse
Great video 🔥
Enjoy that 🔥🐐

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Thx alot brother

lol ik man its ok 😁

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😂😂😂 just imagine that
spiders vs pred
btw i hope you enjoy the video ✌️


Christ man

Omg encore toi pfff tu saoule

Show us the 5plus-shots-in-a-row scenes instead, these single and double shots are classed as lucky shots. It’s more interesting to watch actual skill, or maybe these shots are classed as professional on PS i dunno. :D

Hates Confirmed

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I played with Jason earlier today and I witnessed him land 4 shots in a row while chasing the Pred… I thought it was pretty impressive shooting🙂


You’re the one who interprets it as hate because that’s how you work.
Others would see it as feedback because it would make them think again and question themselves if what we see in the videoclip is something special or if it’s something anyone could pull off. What is interesting to watch in other words?

If i recorded every single-hit sniper shot i’ve landed on a Predator and made a video compilation about it then it would be too long and boring to watch, it’s nothing exceptional, anyone can get lucky with a sniper hit. Or do you guys go: “Oooh my gawd! This FT player actually managed to hit once with the sniper!?!? Wooow!”

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That’s nice, i’m actually looking forward to see the next video with those 4 shots in it.


Idk man, wouldnt be talking bout skill on an fps especially on pc since it takes no skill over there since mouse is so easy to fps on.

Wonder what you can do on controller?


Does it really matter if its PC or PS? Good shooting is hitting your targets regardless of platform.


I’ve met many bad PC players.
And there are reasons why i don’t play on PS.
There are for sure people who can aim on PS, i don’t doubt that.

Exactly, if you practice you become good, there are loads of terrible PC players out there, just because you play on PC doesn’t mean you’re good.

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Yes It’s harder on Playstation
Specially on PS4 with all those FPS drops and lags
PS5 is so much better
And OFCOURS PC is the best platform for this game
But still , I like his video , he is really great with sniper and tracking skill

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yes it still needs skills even on PC
But its easier than Playstation