So..35 more days (roughly) till next DLC...

Probably FT, dunno, not necessarily invested in them. Happy the Levels were finally increased and man they’re way higher than I thought they’d be. Man! What to honestly expect next though? We got night-ish maps, or I guess I can call them late-time maps and we have most of the notable film characters for FT so…what next? Royce…maybe? The detective from the…second movie? Probably not though I’m just spitballing. Guess we can always get original characters which are fine.

Rn, I guess what I’d want to see is just some small stuff. I dunno. The basic armor colors (silver/grey, bronze, green, etc) for Samurai. Been waiting on that since our lovely asian boy dropped. Hopefully soon. For thr most part I know most of the stuff I’ve wanted has steadily been added so that’s good.

We still Tracker’s helm too, right? Pretty sure Mr.Black and Falconer are here. Heard Chopper and his brother’s helms were just added too, with Scar yet to be added.

Dlc wise for Hunters…what else can we get?🤔 The three super preds? Or most likely Berserker/Mr.Black out of them. AVP would be nice but I ain’t gonna say whether that’s unlikely or not. Hopefully Illfonic will keep upgrade and that stupid autism-seeking goliath out. There’s tons of comics and novles though. They’re unlikely but their chances certainly aren’t zero.

@IllFonic and @Courier

What’s the hint for next dlc? Think it could be really fun if you guys start doing teasers and leaks so we’re not just waiting in a pitchblack jungle without any info. Ya know? Hopefully it’s another Hunter, FT are all set for awhile lol. Let’s focus on the titular focus of the game for a bit. More Yautja.👌🏼


Y’all haven’t gotten a update on that yet?

Agreed, my hopes and bets are for a full Scar Predator (AvP) as a character, with the Tracker mask an other two masks added along.

The Wolf Predator would be badass too, but it’s more likely to get Fugitive from the terrible last movie.

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We have gotten 2 patches since October update, blue screening still happening

We need the Cape for the Elder Predator

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I hope the dlc is a good looking varnish for exiles mask 🙌🏻

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The cape was worn by the AvP Elder. We currently have the Predator 2 Elder in game. With that said, it would be awesome to get the AvP Elder in game! Maybe a future DLC…


It would be a funny thing to see a Predator wearing a Cape lol


I want some more customisation for FT. More outfits, more faces, more hairstyles and so on.




Ofc it is. Smh. One step forward and a handful back. 😥

More hairstyles and hair options definitely. At least eye color change and more hair options. A beard option would be nice too.

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I know they’re not going to do any big stuff, this is Illfonic. But we NEED and they CAN add more predator weapons from the movies and other sources…

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I see too many fad predators. I want to see an actual scary predator. WTF is with the pred designs in AVP? They look oversized- one size fits all rubber suits, inarticulate faces, and just plain dumb looking.


no dude. they were terribly designed and cheap. Pre-fab and multiplied several times for multiple actors. You want this?
Super preds were made only three times and on each of those three, there were three distinct armour variations. Underneath were very very articulated molds.

If you’d want anything new and scary and cool, ask for Super Preds. Daddy will deliver.

AVP had a budget. it actually looks like it did. If you don’t see the cheapness of that film…you just don’t know whats good.

Whatever DLC it is Illfonic, take my money, i also hope you’ll increase the DLC price by atleast 300% so you guys can hire more people, train your staff, give them a raise and implement more fun stuff into the game. And don’t forget those future recliner chairs in your office relax area!


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I would only support them financially as much as possible if they focused mostly on this game and not all the other crap that nobody cares about.

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