So i just finished Prey and... (Spoiler thread)

First off good movie, but they retconned the entire story behind the flintlock and elder…so on that end i really don’t like that about it as the dark horse version could have been the film and been as good as this one was.

The design is what I kind of expected as far as the design not being better or equal to the ORIGINAL design which proved my point that this whole need to constantly change the design isn’t good. I don’t care for it being in the game although I would like his gear to be added.
So lets call this the spoiler thread.


Ya but the thing about his face is that it works with the mask. And specifically for the mask.

If it was a normal Yautja the mask wouldn’t work and with the mask it’s genuinely amazing

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Yea I can see that and in some cases it works like when he decloaks and roars that was badass but the face without it looks real different everything about it


It could’ve worked on a normal yautja just like it was on his there seemed to be a normal mask underneath that’s how he could see so just make a pred mask with the mandibles showing and throw the skull overtop of the mask

Ha called it!

Irrelevant. We’re talking art design not function.

Problem. The predators bottom mandibles close torwards his mouth. This mask would be I’m the way of that.

A normal pred also lacks the mouth size. This reduces the presence the mouth has. The open mouth is half the face, for a normal Yautja it’s be small.

The reason why the mask works is because of that mouth presence.

Well he somewhat had the look of the super pred from the head so they could’ve just made him a halfbreed and still kept the design for the most part but fixed the face a bit just to make him a little closer but mandibles were fine

Another thing if I’m not picking that i really didn’t care for is how they made the laser dots like individual lasers where they move individually instead of the fixed 3 dots

It makes sense given the weapon it’s assigned to, though. You can target specific vitals in a single shot.

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As you said - his looks in game - not so much, I mean, it won’t hurt to have him, but no one will die if he will be skipped. But his weapons and gear - that is a whole different story. We have a massive lack of gear items for preds in compare to fire team, this movie is presenting some awesome ideas for new gear like the shield, those funny bracelets that cut limbs off and ofcours new weapon - laser guided spear gun

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I feel the laser guided spear gun, while cool, will have a lot of issues. I feel like the could use a mechanic like Red Dead’s Dead Eye, where you move the laser between targets and it paints them as you go, then release the trigger to fire three bolts. But the issues I feel would be, are the bolts going to projectile or hitscan? Because the former could be easily out maneuvered. And I feel you would need to keep the laser active after you shoot to maintain the tracking, which makes you extremely vulnerable.


Only plot armor I was able to pick up on was how she was able to move around and be that agile after getting her leg cought in the bear trap in reality she wouldn’t even be able to walk.

I really wanted the brother to live tho i liked his character a lot

Very true i would like them to figure out a way that it will be effective but not impossible to out maneuver

true that - even if there would be a way of doing it, Illfonic will find a way to fu%k it up XDDDDD

Yeah, I didn’t like that. I really like 1718, I’m really sed they took that away. I understand that the casual moviegoer wouldn’t know about the existence of the one-shot comics, but still, it’s a bummer.

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Yo pondría una skin para la pistola de plasma con la ballesta ,una nueva lanza la cual se separe para pegar y pueda ser lanzada y claramente el escudo que pueda pegar y cubrirse pero que tenga una barra de vida o algo así porque si no estaría muy roto pero es solo una opinión .

you mean the shield should be destructable? Sounds good ;-)

Exacto. sería lo mejor para que sea equilibrado .