So I made a montage....

It’s my first time. I learned a bit and it isn’t perfect but it was a fun process. Looking forward to doing another at some point. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did making it!


Awesome love the music

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Thanks man! It’s a fav of mine and it had the kind of pacing I wanted for the video. This might be a dumb question but have you listened to Avenged Sevenfold before? They are awesome.

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Avenged sevenfold is like 20 years old I’d imagine everyone has heard them

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Maybe so, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone hadn’t, so I don’t assume they have.

Fair lol

Not my type of music, but great and interesting montage! ☺

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Appreciate it thank you!

Nice! That nice to walk then shooting the barrel was dope!

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Thank you, it’s one of my favorite plays as well!

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Shouldve done shepherd of Fire

Good song that was considered but didn’t have what I was looking for, plus it’s overused in alot of AMV’s and other videos.


Every time you do something stupid on here I’m just gonna remind everyone you made a poem lol

Nice work man 👍

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That’s fine I know I write good, it doesn’t bother me. Go ahead and be free advertisement lol

No. You do not write good lol. You sound like discount dr Seuss and you are attempting to write for adults not children

Would of never brought it up and would have let you have your fun, but you came at me first. And you shouldn’t throw stones when uhhh. You write CRINGE shitty poems on a forum

I mean that’s your opinion and I wouldn’t consider you a leading authority on what’s good and what’s not with the stupid shit you say lol

The stupid shit I say lol. Yes like it’s not cool to make paid dlc free later on. Such a stupid idea. Yes you are right I’ve said sooo many wacky things. Meanwhile- so near then disappear I’m lost in fear! Dr Seuss ass