So I'm using the bow...

I really don’t like paying ranged, but sadly it is a fundamental part of the Pred gameplay if the Pred wants to have any chance against a good FireTeam, and I even less like the bow (nothing against the concept, it does have perfectly sense for a Predator to use one, it’s just personal taste about the idea of using a bow itself)

so, after a lot of time I decided to try it, for gameplay sake

and oh damn it is so strong, even on PS4 with default sensitivity it seems overpower,
I don’t think I’ve lost a match with it yet.

Since all the best player use bow + smartdisk I had no doubt it was that powerful, but I also had fun with it and that’s a surprise
(still I’ll have only two classes equipped with it)

for curiosity, which is in your opinion the best class for the bow?

(I’m guessing every class if with Down Range, but still I wonder if there’s one that better fits it)

Cleo or elder with stalker and down range.


Classes that are fast and can jump far

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Scout analytic long jump adrenal down range

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Yeah I thought of Stalker being OP with the bow. I’ll have to try it at least once.

It hits pretty hard

bow is good

Cleopatra, elder, or City hunter.

The bow is good on everything. You’ll want to pair it up with Down Range and possibly specialisations like Analytic and Stalker but you don’t really even need any of them really if you are able to land your shots. I use the Bow on literally every class apart from a couple where I swapped it out for the Plasma Pistol.

I don’t think the Bow and Pistol are that over powered in normal engagements, but I suppose the pistol would be better balanced at 18 damage per pellet.

Regardless, it’s the 3 or 4 shots to kill when somebody is down that really grinds my gears.

even a headshot on the ground will not kill a FT

Any class with the bow is alright. Is one of the best weapons the pred has. Just like the shoulder cannon.

do quick scopes, is not that strong. fully charged shots hurt a lot but against any FT worth its salt you will rarely land one of those.

I use bow and pistol… fuck melee, LMAO

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Ikr🤣 I have actually started messing around on public matches with bow and plasma pistol because I like em both and they are fun to use, require skill, and both have different attributes. Bow is overall still better but plasma pistol is better up close and for killing downed players

🤔 okay 🤷‍♂️

I’m not sure how that relates to what I posted.


A headshot with the bow on the downed guy seems to do more dmg, with vicious I managed to kill downed fts with only 2 arrows shots sometimes due to that.

4 shots takes too long, the ft can make you go 2nd wind before securing the kill, or if they just bring a field medic all the effort to down the guy goes to nothing.


still, 2 headshots? it should be one… not even to the head

Yeah I was able to 2 tap a downed Assault with the Bow on City Hunter Analytic with at least 1 headshot that I was aware of. The headshots do deal more damage to downed players