So ive been researching a ton

If you got vaxed you have lucerferase in your dna. Its a fire fly substance in your nuclei. You have been genetically alrered…just like in the days of noah. Look up maderna patent on their very own website. Its 2nd patent page 45. Ive bern getting ready while the world is marrying, singing and dancing.
I warned u all… and u mocked and laughed.

I think its on second patent page 45

O and fyi the earth is flat

Have a splended day

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“But muh horse paste based on a story that was a complete lie!”

Its flat… its a 20th century idea its round. From planet warship of saturn. To in your schools…these are the chaldeans daniel talks about. Christianity is the same as islam. When the truth comes out…people better wake up.

Also the vaccine is a marker to spot ur asses on 5g. Enjoy

And yes america has been founded 400 times over since creation. Enjoy your mark by the ruler of this world. Satan is plural for the 7 principalities of darkness. Deer boy movie… look it up. 2 things about the vax… number one its meant to kill u or it alters your dna? Mrna is some very weird shit. Also phizer is changing their name… also the lead director of the fda in 2017 is the lead of phizer now…also Dr. FAUCI WIFE IS INCHARGE OF THE NID… who gets all there orders from the nid. … the fda. Have a nice day.

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Yup get ready for sunday warship laws

Sory its the NDI and IND that make the fda laws. They will make as many subsections in order to hide the people in charge

I’ve been trying so hard to avoid mentioning 5g, but fuck it.

5g plays a huge role in all of this Corona bullshit, especially in regards to the vaccine. There’s a reason why the mainstream media were trying so hard to disprove the 5g and Corona connection in the early stages of the “pandemic”.

Ive been telling people to stay away from this shit

I will admit my short comings everyone. Hear me out right now.
Adrenochrome is real and china and america elites trade it on the black market. Ive seen child torture and wierd shit by accident through my research including videos. China is harvesting children organs and our gov is too.
Trump is not on our side…MAGA is 5th degree satanism. He fooled the world… the truth will set u free

Well this was common knowledge. Anything they think will cure ED over there.

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Or trump is playing there game to trap them…who freaking knows watch the movie play out i guess

and If the wachowski brothers aren’t enough to convince you a hollywood sex cult exists I don’t know what to tell you

I told you Trump was just a puppet.

Excuse me

It’s just the wachowskis now


Just ignore the templars in his entourage


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