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I have mixed feeling about this case. I think if the gal was held against her will, she is in immediate danger and can defend herself. If she isn’t, but she’s ‘alone’ in this world, what realistic resources does she have to turn to? Yes, she can go to the police, but if there is no evidence and the guy goes free, she’s possibly in even more danger. What options does she have?

Neh nothing wrong with vigilante justice

The only difference between the people and the politicians is that the politicians have power, not that they’re morally better.

And rapists, ya a bullet will do.

Of course there is the whole thing where she could be lying but, that’s just a whole hell hole in itself and me assuming she’s not lying isn’t going to shift society.


You seem really interested in things like these lately.
Honestly I’m tired of shit like this.

Because guess you’re there yourself you never really know what exactly happened.
In serious issues, it’s hard for me to make a judgement call unless theres clear evidence.
Theres no way to know if she was actually raped.

Like if she was, obviously she shouldn’t have to pay shit.

But if she wasnt, then she should be given life in prison.

So idk.

I just wish there wasnt so much bullshit going on in the world.

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Yeah, it’s tough cause you want to give proper channels to order and crime a try, but sometimes no matter how hard law enforcement works, they cant stop a crime from happening and it goes into damage control type situation. Plus, criminals are not that easy to convict at times

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Just tired of shitposts and taking about balance or whatnot for a hundredth time. Maybe it’s a phase I’m going though. I haven’t watched a phg vid is some time now; maybe one here and there, but not like i used too.

You’re right, it’s hard to know what actually happened unless these an investigation and trial, but if the guy is dead, there may be no other leads. But like the article says, this type of thing has happened quite a few times as of late.

Justice is blind

It’s very dangerous to be blind and to swing around a huge sword 😂


Lol did you get what I wrote to you lol I explained it then lol basically both parties should get punished because who can be telling the truth if one lies

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By that logic let’s scorch earth everything

I don’t trust the sight of a blind man

Exactly that’s why it’s blind everyone is affected and the only way to have justice is all suffer for it, that’s what sucks about being part being humans

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Tell that to the corrupt

Tell that to the people who clean up their messes well

Tell that to innocent people who get fucked without recourse

Tell that to the victims of unsolved murders

The sight of the person looking at the world may be faulty, but it’s far more trustworthy than that of a blind one ran by people who’s only skill is manipulating people

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It’s what our species deserves and the sooner you get to that conclusion you will know what I know and how it can actually save humanity but I won’t speak further unless you want to hear it in messaging me

Our species deserves for the corrupt to abuse loop holes and get away with blatant wrongs?

Two wrongs don’t make a right tho. They should try their best to get it right

No both sides to get punished good and bad

No but 2 lefts make a right lol

The good guys should be punished for doing the right thing…

That’s not justice at all

Lol, isn’t that three lefts?

No it’s blind which is what I’m saying