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For a little while I watched some vids with stuff like this.
I got tired of never having the full story, but yet people develop strong beliefs and opinions about these situations.

Idk man, I’m just tired of all the bullshit.

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And I’m saying sight is required to truly bring justice

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I agree but we wouldn’t know because both parties could lie…unless you get evidence that support claims? Lol once there was a guy who got arrested selling pot and was in jail…10…50 years? But was released serving time And the first thing he saw was a billboard saying they deliver weed lol poor guy and stupid justice lol 😂

What injustice or just in general what he’s talking about? (Not mean tone just curious)

So the solution is to fuck over everyone

Besides go profile them and see if things match up to the best of your ability

If that’s not possible then you’ll just have to take what happens, far better than scorch earthing everyone

Already covered 😎 which makes so much sense and made me wonder why i didn’t realize it sooner 😂

Agreed, there an agenda in all of this. Either to show cop violence/incompetence or to have their actions justified. It still gives us, as a society, something to have a discussion about to improve law enforcement and educate the public as well

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Shootings, hearing random shit that happens, like this but never knowing the full story, ect.

Like I wish people all around would just chill out.

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Too many sides dont actually wanna a discussion tho.

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Possible, but it’s out there so it’s forces a discussion.

Crime never sleeps 😔

Maybe those employees don’t want to interact with the homeless. Maybe their employer wasn’t to preserve it’s job by making sure the problem doesn’t go away.

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Please tell me your just theorizing and not defending

I’m 80% that’s the case just need to check

I am theorizing. Watched a vid yesterday about homeless folks. One was saying that shelters are terrible and hed rather live in a former sewer. He had a decent shack there but city told them to leave. I can’t believe nothing can be done to put these folks to werk so the to can afford a place to live and pay for daily expenses.

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We’re assuming they can work when you consider hunger, hygiene, stress, and aches.

You’d need to help them up first, which I’m sure you’ll agree.

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What are you talking about?! That’s how homeless people get their food lol 😂 jk ya that’s messed up 😠

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I do I worked at a shelter and they had case workers inside helping them get resources for jobs and stuff but then again it was non profit and not run by the government or county, they could totally just be doing the bare minimum I dunno but the fact the employees did this is no surprise to me, I use to also lived by a government or county owned shelter and the employees were ass holes, we were literally assigned a table first day then this lady and her family complained that we were at her table and they yelled at my family for sitting there when they put us there! I then confronted them and since then they were doing “random” checks on our persons and room and constantly invading our privacy and I could go on but the memory hurts 😔

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Injustice to women? Reverse the roles with no evidence and see what happens . Its a fact that women get more leniency for commiting the exact same crime as a man . Women are oppressed? Give me a fucking break